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How do you download zoom on a PC?

Zoom Video Communications is a company headquartered in San Jose, California that provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing. Zoom provides communications software solutions that combine video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration at the same time, while keeping the consistency of quality at all levels. In this article we will show you how to use zoom app download for PC after that you will be able to use the zoom meeting client and good to go, read on.

zoom app download for PC

Zoom was originally founded in 2011 by a lead engineer from the Cisco Systems and one of it’s collaboration unit WebEx; The founder Eric. S. Yuan, graduated from stanford university executive program and was previously vice-president of engineering at Cisco systems for collaboration software development. The service, which begin in January 2013 by march 2013 it claimed one million participants. Stay tuned while we walk you through some of the history of zoom application after that show you how to get zoom app download for pc.


On january 2017,  zoom application officially entered the Unicorn club; meaning that it had estimated worth of over 100 million dollars whether acquired by various parties of secured through consolidated funds. Keep reading, as we will tell you how to get zoom app download for pc.


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In August of 2017, Marketwired published a press release recognizing Zoom’s passing of several milestones in company growth. Highlights included hosting over 20 billion annualized meeting minutes (up from six.9 billion last year), opening offices abroad in Sydney and therefore the U.K., growing its year-over-year revenue by 150th and customer base by 100%, partnering and optimizing integrations with Polycom, Crestron, and Cisco, and introducing new options and enhancements to its platform including Zoom Rooms programming display and Zoom for Telehealth. I

n addition, Zoom was stratified 18th on the Forbes Cloud one hundred List and scored a 4.8 / 5 on Gartner Peer Insights. Sounds exciting garnering such growth in so much less time, with so many competitors in market right? Well read on and we will reveal how to get zoom app download for pc, and start using it. Let’s take a look into the the development timeline of the software itself.


Product Development Timeline

Download Zoom for PC

Zoom initially featured to host conferences with up to 15 participants. On January 25, 2013, the product design was improved and new features were added after which the 25 people could connect into the video call simultaneously. zoom app download for pc which relies on client-side encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit (AES 256) algorithm for presentation content and locally generated content. In the mid of 2016, zoom video communications announced native support for skype business; as it was becoming apparent that skype for business and integration with slack was imminent, it was properly implemented in all of the zoom app for desktops. In Few moments we will show you how to get zoom app download for pc.



  • Cloud Video Conferencing
  • HD video
  • HD Voice with dynamic voice detection
  • Full screen and gallery view
  • Dual stream for dual screen
  • Feature-rich mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Join by Zoom Rooms
  • Join as view-only attendee (Zoom Video Webinar)
  • Join by H.323/SIP room systems
  • Join by telephone dial-in
  • Accessibility features enable users with disabilities to schedule, attend, and participate
  • Zoom meetings and webinars


zoom app for pc

Group Collaboration

  • Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, iOS and Android
  • Group messaging
  • Screen share documents, photos and video clips
  • Simultaneous screen sharing
  • iPhone/iPad screen share with iOS mirror
  • Annotation and co-annotation
  • Keyboard and mouse control
  • Whiteboarding for PC and mobile devices.
  • Mobile Whiteboarding
  • You may want to heed to this feature as you download zoom meeting for pc; thus enabling you to do various sorts of group collaboration calls.



  • Work email, single sign-on (SSO) or Google login
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • AES 256-bits encryption
  • HTTPS access
  • Role based access control
  • Admin feature controls
  • Zoom is SOC compliant



  • Unlimited VOIP
  • Call me/Call Out
  • Toll-based options
  • Toll-free options in 60+ countries
  • Integrate any 3rd party teleconferencing service


Hybrid Cloud Service

  • Meeting Connector for private cloud
  • Virtualized software setup in minutes
  • Scale and add capacity easily
  • Local high-availability
  • 24×7 online monitoring
  • Instant global service backup


Simple Online Meetings

  • High quality desktop and application sharing
  • Personal meeting ID and URL name
  • Instant or scheduled meetings
  • Google Chrome and Outlook plug-ins; Yes there are plugins available for various proprietary browsers which are easily available on or any other zoom app download for pc, which would include windows, linux and any other linux derivatives.
  • MP4 or M4A recording
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Host controls
  • Raise hand
  • Screen Sharing a Video Clip

download zoom meeting for pc


Partner Integrations

  • Content Sharing
  • Scheduling & Starting Meetings
  • Unified Login
  • Marketing/Process Automation
  • Room collaboration


Zoom App Download for PC – Step-by-Step

For Windows

To ensure a pleasant experience with your first Zoom Meeting and to zoom app download for pc you mustn’t need to delve into web any deeper, we highly encourage individuals to zoom cloud meeting for pc beforehand. To download and install the Zoom Application and to zoom cloud meeting download for pc you must follow some simple instructions:


zoom cloud meeting for pc

The old school way……

  • Go to (https://zoom.us/download) and from the Download Center, click on the Download button under “Zoom Client For Meetings”.
  • This application will automatically download when you start your first Zoom Meeting.
  • Once the download is complete, proceed with installing the Zoom application onto your computer.

After successful completion of above instructions, you would have the zoom client installed for windows, thus concluding zoom app download for pc integration.


The easy way………

  • Download it in just one click from the download button at the end


  • For Linux

The old school way……

 Even though people don’t use Linux that much in their mainstream lives, but developers and people who have been acquainted with linux don’t want to use another ecosystem.  This is where the linux comes in handy; especially for developers. Zoom has native builds available for distribution and binary packages as well. to download zoom app for PC, just follow the same link above.


The easy way………

  • Download it in just one click from the download button at the end


For other platform you may simply visit the official stores and download the application. But for downloading zoom app download for pc, we have laid down the familiar and guiding path for all of you.


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