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Zoom app for Android

License: Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

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Available in languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified     Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Age Rating: Rated 4+

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zoom for anroid

Zoom cloud meetings app has developed into one of the most popular and useful alternatives to similar cloud-based virtual meeting software such as Zoho, Facetime, and Messenger. As it can be used with smartphones, it has been designated as the perfect tool for those who are on the go and still need to be kept ‘in the loop’. Services including meetings of up to 50 participants are possible and a dedicated group messaging service is just another one of the many perks of the software.

Based on the current market research, it is currently being claimed that over 170,000 organizations ranging from educational institutions to business enterprises are using zoom Cloud Meetings for android due to its flexible nature and intuitive platform. The proprietary application has enhanced audio and visual quality, which is an important advancement to avoid buffering and other frustrating issues. Another noteworthy point to be included is that all one-on-one meetings can be hosted at no charge.


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As a matter of fact, any meeting which exceeds the 40 minutes time-frame will require the paid version. Also, participants may choose to interact with other speakers while there is also the option to be on a view-only mode for anyone who wishes to sit back and listen.

Zoom app for android boasts various additional built-in benefits. For example, the software supports both 3G and 4G wireless networks. Importing phone or email contacts into the database can easily be done, and subsequently, the participants may be invited to join a meeting. Integration with third-party applications such as Dropbox or Google Drive allows the sharing of pictures, videos, and audio to facilitate effective communication.


Download zoom for android

Download zoom for android

Want to download the zoom app for android and start zooming? All it takes is one simple trip to your app-store. Type zoom Cloud Meetings for android or simply “zoom app” in the search box and you should find it. The various avenues available for zoom app download are:

  • App Store for iOS
  • Google Play store for Android
  • Blackberry World

Since the focus of this segment is to download the zoom app for android phones, visit the Google Play store and search zoom download for android and install it. Before installing, make sure that you have the following criterion fulfilled for running the software on your Android device:

Supported Operating systems: Android 4.0x or later

Supported Browsers for Web Start: Chrome and Webkit (default)

Processor Requirement: Any 1 GHz single-core processor or better (non-Intel)

After you’re done with the process to download the zoom app for android, click Sign In. Type in your email and password or you can also sign in directly with your Google, Facebook, or SSO account. If you do not have a Zoom account yet, click on Sign Up.


Zoom Features: An Overview

download zoom app for android

With a number of features in store for all the four-tier packages, it has become the most sought after app. If an individual download the zoom app for android, users can enjoy the following features:

  • Audio / Video Conferencing
  • Android screen sharing quality
  • Content management through brainstorming and discussion boards
  • Contact availability status
  • Easily invite phone, email, or company contacts
  • Join as an interactive participant or view-only webinar attendee without creating an account
  • Works over WiFi, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks
  • Safe driving mode while on the road
  • Integrating with software ranging from Dropbox to Marketo


How to use Zoom app for Android?

A. How to schedule a meeting?

  1. Click on Schedule or Host a Meeting
  2. Tap Schedule Meeting
  3. Fill in the meeting details. The meeting options include:
  • Meeting Name
  • Start Time
  • Duration
  • Time Zone
  • Repeat the meeting
  • Turn Host Video On or Off
  • Turn Attendee Video On or Off
  • Choose Audio Option – Telephone Only, VOIP Only, Both or 3rd Party Audio options
  • Enter a Meeting Password, if needed
  • Select Allow Join Before Host if you will let participants join before the host joins
  • Select whether you will Use PMI (Personal Meeting ID) or not use a PMI


4. Click on Finish after selecting the meeting options

5. On the newly created Event screen, click on Invitees to add attendees

6. Click on the Add option. The invitations will be sent automatically to invitees and the meeting would be included in your Upcoming Meetings list


B. How to join a meeting in the zoom app for android?

  • Select Join a Meeting
  • Type in the Meeting ID of the conference you wish to join
  • Click Join Meeting



In its totality, the zoom app for android provides a web conferencing platform provides you with a large plethora of features that can augment your communication with internal and external partners, clients and customers, or anyone else that you may need to interact with for business-related reasons.

Rated No.1 in customer satisfaction, the web conferencing software also enables content sharing in wireless mode as it improves remote access to webinars and web conferences. A potential game-changer in the path of creating a better and more collaborative business environment, if you plan to download the zoom app for android, not only are you installing the most trusted solution of video conferencing but the world’s leading brand in offering quality and consistent enterprise experience.


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