How to Use Zoom App for Conference Calls?

Zoom is the new digital sensation, in a time when working from home is becoming the new normal. Speaking numbers, Zoom claims to have drifted from 10 million active users in December 2019 to a staggering 200 million just four months later. And the popularity keeps on increasing as professionals and even students are growing fond of the app.

And since you are reading this, there’s a high chance you have a Zoom meeting coming. This handy guide aims to explain the Zoom App for conference calls and how you can get the best out of it.

How to Download Zoom App for Conference Calls?

Before downloading the Zoom app for conference calls on your computer or smartphone, keep in mind the privacy concerns of this app. It’s better to use its service from a browser rather than using it via an app. That’s because, even though the web version has fewer features, it’ll protect your privacy. But first, let’s talk about its availability.

You can launch the Zoom app on your iOS or Android smartphone. In case you want a larger view, download Zoom on your desktop computer. You can also use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to do so.

Zoom App for Conference Calls

How to Join or Host a Zoom Session?

Here’s the guide for operating Zoom app for conference calls-

  • For hosting a session via your mobile phone, OPEN the app > LOG IN to it > click NEW MEETING, present at the top-left corner of the screen. Choose whether you want to keep your video off or on. After this, you’ll see a MEETING ID below. Share the ID with your participants and let them join the Zoom session. You can also put up a password along with the MEETING ID. Once everything’s done, click START A MEETING and voila! It’s done.
  • Likewise, if you’re a participant, ask for a meeting ID from the host. After that, OPEN Zoom app > press JOIN and enter the MEETING ID on the next page. You’ll need to enter the passcode if the host has set any. Just enter all the details, and your work’s done.
  • If you’re using Zoom software on your computer, OPEN the app > LOG IN to it. After this, press the small button facing ARROW ICON, next to the meeting button. Now, examine the options similar to how it’s done on a mobile phone. In the end, press MEETING to start.
  • Now, if you wish to join Zoom sessions created by others, OPEN Zoom >press JOIN. Choose whether you want to share your Audio/Video or not, and click JOIN to get started. It’s not necessary to launch Zoom for joining sessions. It can also be done via a web browser. Use a link to any Zoom meeting, but be sure to avoid the prompt to launch the Zoom app. Once you’ve avoided it, you’ll be able to join a session via the selected browser.
  • Lastly, if you’re operating Zoom from the browser, you can access it via Firefox or Google Chrome.
  1. Visit the CHROME WEBSTORE and install ZOOM SCHEDULER EXTENSION. Once installed, it’ll appear at the top-right corner of Chrome. Click on it and SIGN IN using your data. After that, press START A MEETING, followed by the steps mentioned above. This will divert you to an internet domain where Zoom will ask you to install its application. Avoid that and press the CLICK HERE hyperlink to begin the session. Below, you’ll see a hyperlink claiming START FROM YOUR BROWSER > click on it and get started.
  2.  If you’re using Firefox, download ZOOM SCHEDULAR ADDON > click its icon to get started.
  • Correspondingly, if you wish to join a session from your desktop’s browser, visit ZOOM WEBSITE and LOG IN. After that, press JOIN MEETING > enter the MEETING ID on the next page. Again, Zoom will prompt you to install its application, avoid it, and repeat the steps mentioned above. Once it’s all done, you’ll be able to join a session.

Is Zoom App Safe?

A thought might strike in your head, whether it’s safe to use the Zoom app for conference calls or not? Well, it’s evident that Zoom has attracted many users, but its popularity has also attracted hackers who Zoom bomb conference calls. Now, what’s Zoom bomb? It means when an unwanted individual enters your session and uses the screen sharing feature to derange the call.

This usually happens when the call is public and anyone can enter & create mischief. And, likely, you don’t want these trolls to join your session and create havoc. So, to avoid such situations, don’t share your MEETING ID in public or via any social media platforms. After that, follow these steps-

  1.  If you’re using an iOS to run a Zoom session, press MORE after the course starts. It’ll be present at the bottom right of the screen. Now click MEETING SETTINGS > disable the option ALLOW PARTICIPANTS TO SHARE.
  2. If you’re using an Android to run a Zoom session, press MORE > go to MEETING SETTINGS > enable LOCK SHARE.
  3. If you’re using Zoom from a Web browser or via the app on your desktop, open share screen’s ADVANCED SHARING OPTIONS after the session starts. Select WHO CAN SHARE > press HOST ONLY.

How to Record a Zoom Session?

For recording a Zoom meeting, follow the steps stated below-

  1. To record Zoom sessions via your desktop, click the RECORD button, present at the bottom of the window. After this, the app will immediately start recording the video & audio.
  2. Once your session ends, the recording will get stored automatically in the local storage. To view it, go to ZOOM SETTINGS > RECORDING. You’ll also get to see more options related to recording, like recording a separate file for each viewer and storing the recorded Zoom session.
  3. Keep in mind that, if you’re a participant/viewer and want to record a meeting, make sure you’re active via the Zoom app on your desktop. You’ll also require the host’s consent to let you record.

Zoom’s a widely-known conferencing app, and to attain fluency in using it, read all the guidelines mentioned above.

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