Zoom breakout rooms cost – Is Zoom Breakout Room free?

Zoom Breakout Rooms can be used for splitting the sessions of any particular zoom meeting. You can split a maximum of 50 such sessions with this feature. Setting up this feature is quite easy. If you have a desktop zoom account, then only you will be able to use this feature. In this article, you will get an idea about the Zoom breakout rooms cost, which will help you to have idea about how much you need to spend for using this lucrative feature of Zoom.

Is Zoom Breakout Room free?

This has been seen as a very common question from a lot of users whether they can get the feature of Zoom Breakout Room for free of cost. Well, you will not get this feature of zoom for free of cost. You will get a trial version for a month for free of cost. You can learn about how to set up the breakout rooms and how you can manage them within that time. However, after the trial period gets over, you need to pay for it on a monthly basis. The charges will be according to per room.

How much you need to pay to purchase Zoom Breakout Rooms:

For each breakout room, you need to pay $41.58. So, the total costs you need to bear will depend on the number of Zoom breakout rooms you will require. If you want to purchase Zoom, you can opt for paying monthly subscription charges of $49, or you can opt for the annual charges of $499.

Along with that for Zoom Breakout Rooms, you will pay $41.58 for each room per month basis. You can also go for various add-ons as per your requirement. Recording of the meetings will be crucial. You can record the meeting and make the storage locally in the device. If you don’t have enough space in your device, you can opt for cloud storage. For this, you need to pay $40 every month.

What features you will get in this plan:

You will get all the best features of Zoom Video conferencing when you purchase the Zoom Breakout rooms.

  • You will get a video conferencing system which are fully software-defined.
  • You will experience the high-quality audio and video as your experience with any Zoom Video conference. You can use the feature from any of the devices like Touchscreen mobile devices, PC, or MAC. However, you will be able to create and manage Zoom Breakout Rooms from Desktop accounts only.
  • You will get features like sharing videos, URLs, images through zoom without paying any additional charge for it.
  • You can bring digital whiteboards inside the meeting so that the participants can see any sort of annotations you make on the whiteboard as a host. You can take 12 such whiteboards for a particular session.
  • Powerful security settings will ensure that you can complete the Zoom meeting safely and securely.

What benefits you will get:

When you are spending money on getting a particular feature, you will surely want to know how much worth it will be for your purpose. With Zoom Breakout Room, you are going to get the below benefits.

  • In any virtual meeting, a large gathering always creates chaos. With this particular feature, you will be able to segregate the participants in various smaller groups. Different discussions can be completed in such smaller meeting rooms, and then for further discussions, all the participants can come back to the main meeting room.
  • It will be easier for the host to provide assistance to any of the participants, more specifically by entering the room. During a meeting, the questions or doubts can be handled by the host very easily.
  • As a participant also, it will be easier for you to interact with the host easily. So, you will be able to keep your focus on the agenda of the meetings.

How you can make Zoom Breakout Room cost-effective:

Zoom Breakout Room is a very lucrative feature that can make your sessions much more interactive with all the participants in the meeting. As mentioned already, you need to pay Zoom for each room. So, it will be important to decide how many rooms you will need. So, first of all, you need to decide the correct number of participants for a particular meeting. Once you decide on that, it will be easier for you to plan how many rooms you will need to manage the meeting perfectly. Once you make that plan correctly, you should pay for the rooms. It will surely make the budget cost-effective.

When you should spend for Zoom Breakout Room:

As the number of rooms increases, you need to pay more for purchasing the Zoom Breakout Rooms. So, you need to be clear about one thing that if you are planning to make too many sessions, you will need to bear more for it. You should indeed opt for this wonderful zoom feature for smaller meetings. For example, you can take a training session of around fifty to sixty participants by using this feature. For bigger meetings, there are other features like webinar which you can opt for.

In such a small training session, using such rooms will give you access to reach all the participants more carefully. You will be able to give answers to the specific questions and doubts, which will be beneficial for both you and the participants.

Keeping in mind that this particular feature of Zoom Breakout Rooms comes with a lot of benefits, the cost which you need to carry for the same is not that much. However, by making proper planning about how you are going to use this feature will surely save a good amount of money for you.

Zoom Breakout Rooms cost can be kept low if you book lesser rooms to complete the trainings effectively. Now, in this scenario of the pandemic, digital platforms are getting more and more used for training and other purposes. So, it will be great if you take this incredible feature of zoom for video conferencing.


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