Zoom Chat Review, Rating & Comparison 2019

What is Zoom Chat?

Zoom chat allows enterprises to keep their teams productive all the time no matter wherever they are. Zoom chat allows users to invite both internal and external participants easily and share messages across quickly. All content shared in a zoom chat stay synced, so that you can easily download a file shared by another user in your mobile. The user interface is specially designed to be very user-friendly and intuitive that even non-technical users can use the feature easily. Let’s find out what else it offers in this Zoom Chat Review.

How does Zoom Chat Work?

Zoom chat is very simple to use as all you need to do is download the zoom meeting client and you can start chatting with either a single person or a group of persons. All you need to get started with Zoom chat is the desktop client if you are planning to start a chat from your desktop or download the mobile app if you want to use your mobile phone to chat. Zoom provides desktop client to be downloaded for either PC, MAC or Linux and mobile application that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

To Start a new Chat, you can click “New Chat” to chat privately with another member or click “create channel” to invite members from your organization. You can provide a name for your channel and make your channel public so anyone in your organization can join the chat.
The left panel in your chat window displays all option to view starred messages and all files that stored in your chat repository. You can also see a list of your contacts and even see whether they are online or offline as of now.

Useful Zoom Chat Features

Zoom chat offers various features including starred messages, easy search functionality that enables communicating with other members so much easier. Members also can easily take a screenshot of the chat or share files with other members quickly.

The Starred messages feature helps members to mark important messages so that they review those messages later. All marked messages will appear under the starred messages header in the left panel, so that you don’t need to scroll up and down the message list to search for the starred messages. All you need is to click the starred messages and messages that has been marked will get listed down there.

Also, during a chat many files will be shared including images, documents, spreadsheets and PDF files etc. and in order to make life easier for members, Zoom chat allows you to group all files shared during a chat under the heading “All Files” so that you can easily locate the files shared and download it into your system for future reference.

And from the chat window, you can easily switch to your meeting by just clicking the meetings link on the top. The contacts lists displays all your contacts along with all the channels that you have created and part of.
Users can also integrate the chat by adding apps from the Zoom marketplace.

Useful Zoom Chat Commands

Zoom chat offers users with various commands or keyboards shortcuts that lets you navigate the chat window easily without using your mouse. Some of the commands are listed below:

F6 – Navigate among Zoom popup windows.

Ctrl+Alt+Shift – Move focus to Zoom’s meeting controls

PageUp – View previous 25 video stream in gallery view

PageDown – View next 25 video stream in gallery view

Alt – Turn on/off the option Always show meeting control toolbar in Accessibility Settings

Alt+F1 – Switch to active speaker view in video meeting

Alt+F2 – Switch to gallery video view in video meeting

Alt+V – Start/Stop Video

Alt+A – Mute/unmute audio

Alt+M – Mute/unmute audio for everyone except host Note: For the meeting host only

Alt+S  –  Launch share screen window and stop screen share Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus

Alt+Shift+S – Start/stop new screen share Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus

Alt+T – Pause or resume screen share Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus

Alt+R – Start local recording

Alt+C – Start cloud recording

Zoom Chat Settings

Users can take control of their chat using the settings to customize various functionalities including Video, Audio, Chat, Recording and other general settings. There are even options to change the background for your video chat so you can show a standard solid background even when you are sitting from your home.

Zoom Chat Encryption

Users can enable end-to-end encryption from the IM settings if they want their chat messages to be secured. When end-to-end encryption is enabled, all the chat messages will securely encrypted using TLS1.2 with AES 256-bit algorithm. When the end-to-end encryption is enabled, you can see the lock icon in your chat window right before the smiley icon. Another highlight of the encryption feature is that sometime we can see the messages received without opening the zoom chat in the notifications, but with encryption enabled, users can only see the message when they log into their zoom chat window.

How much does Zoom Chat Cost?

Zoom offers users with various plans so that companies can choose a plan according to their requirements. For starters, they can choose the Free plan to see how the chat and meeting functionality works and then can upgrade to a paid version which includes a Pro version ($14.99 / mo), Business version ($19.99 /mo) or an Enterprise version ($19.99/mo). The free version allows you to host up to 1000 participants and offers you unlimited 1-1 chats and group meetings are limited to 40 minutes.

Zoom Chat Transcript

Zoom chat allows you to save your chat transcripts either locally or in Zoom cloud. You can save the in-meeting chat manually during the meeting to your computer. Or you can go to the chat settings and enable Auto-save chat to automatically save all chat messages. Saving to the zoom cloud is enabled only for Pro version users so that you can save to the cloud and access the messages from anywhere easily.

Useful tutorials for Zoom Chat

Zoom offers you with an easy to user guide along with video tutorials for beginners to get started with Zoom features easily and quickly. Do you find this Zoom chat review helpful? Let us know 🙂

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