Zoom customer service phone number details

Apart from providing excellent quality video calling and online chat services, Zoom takes great care towards their customers’ needs. Zoom customer service is first class indeed, as it offers 24×7 contact numbers (all over the world) and other satisfactory services.

Please take a look at the 24×7 contact numbers and addresses that Zoom provides to their users.

Zoom customer support details along with phone number

Zoom Customer Service

San Jose

Address- 55, Almaden Boulevard, 6th Floor, San Jose, CA 95113

Contact number- +1.888.799.9666 

Email- info@zoom.us


Address- 7601 E Technology Way, 3rd Floor, Denver, CO 80237


Address- 6601 College Boulevard, Suite 120, Overland Park, KS 66211


Address- The Place, 4th Floor, 175 High Holborn, London WC1V 7AA, United Kingdom

Contact number- +44.800.368.7314 or +44.20.7039.8961 

Email- info@zoom.us


Address- Zoom France, 33 rue Lafayette, 75009 Paris, France

Contact number- +33.800.94.64.64 

Email- info@zoom.us 


Address- Level 1, 9 Castlereagh St, SYDNEY NSW 2000

Contact number- +61.1800.768.027 

Email- info@zoom.us


Address- 3625 Brookside Parkway, 4th Floor, Alpharetta, GA 30022


Address- Locatellikade 1, 1076 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands (Floor 2-5)


Address- WeWork Hibiya Park Front 19th floor, 2-1-6 Uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, 100-0011, Tokyo

Email- info@zoom.us

Note: Zoom customer service offers communication between the customers and agents through online chats and web support.

Zoom Support Ticket System

Customers can submit their complains and feedbacks through Zoom support tickets. Zoom also welcomes ideas from customers to improve their services. Please note that this feature is available for Zoom Pro, Business, Education, API, and Enterprise plan holders. Zoom support tickets work in the following ways-

Administrators and owners of Zoom Pro accounts must report support tickets to Zoom by online submission.

Administrators and owners of Zoom Business, Enterprise, Education, or API accounts must submit their support tickets to Zoom in the given methods

Online Submission

Users can select the chat icon in the bottom right after logging in. Customers can dial these numbers by entering his meeting ID and host key-

US: +1.888.799.9666 ext 2

AU: +61.1800.768.027 ext 2

FR: +33.800.94.64.64 ext 2

IN: 000.800.050.2040 ext 2

JP: + ext 2

NZ: +64.800.475.039 ext 2

SG: +65.800.321.1249 ext 2

UK: +44.800.368.7314 ext 2 or +44.20.7039.8961 ext 2

How Does a Zoom Support Ticket Function?

When Zoom’s technical support team receives a support ticket, it gets classified in the form of priority levels-

1.  Priority 1- This is an urgent level priority. When Zoom service is down, or the service is not properly functioning, or the service gets hampered due to faulty network connection or some software issue. In this scenario, Zoom will take steps to solve the situation as fast as they can.

2.  Priority 2- This is a high-level priority. It occurs due to the poor performance of the networks or due to some other software issues. To solve this case, Zoom will provide necessary resources during Zoom’s regular business hours. If necessary, Zoom customer service agents will provide additional resources outside Zoom’s business hours.

3.  Priority 3- This is a reasonable level priority. It occurs due to general customer issues that arise while using the Zoom app. In this case, Zoom shall provide all the necessary resources essential to solve the problem.

4.  Priority 4- This is a low-level priority. It includes issues like feature change requests, installation, or configuration questions. It also consists of information regarding the working of the Zoom app. These problems shall be solved by Zoom customer service during regular business hours.

Time for Solving the Issues-

Priority 1- 1 Hour.

Priority 2- 4 Hours.

Priority3– 24 Hours.

Priority4– 24 Hours.

Privacy and Security

Zoom customer Service agents are wholly devoted to protecting their customer’s privacy and security

· If you think you are facing privacy-related issues while using the Zoom app, please contact their security team by emailing them at security@zoom.us.

· Zoom ensures users that they do not sell their data.

· Zoom does not monitor its user’s meetings or its contents.

· Zoom accepts all privacy laws, rules, and regulations within its jurisdictions, including GDPR and CCPA.

Zoom protects its customer’s privacy by providing end to end encryption. It prevents unauthorized access to any content during a user’s ongoing meetings and conferences.

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