Zoom Discount for Nonprofits: Guidelines for Configuring

Zoom is the best video-conferencing application that provides crystal clear sound and audio quality. With this app, it is easy to host a meeting with your officials, and the best part is that you can record the session in the cloud server and can invite up to 100 persons to join the meeting. Zoom discount for nonprofits provides more clear signals even if you are staying out of the country. This application is easy to use; therefore, it is used in most organizations for hosting meetings and webinars.

Anyone can launch Zoom with just a single click. Isn’t it a great option? Of course, it is. You need to download the app on your device, and you can join the meeting at any time and from anywhere.

How can Zoom discount for nonprofits be used?

Most of the organizations in today’s age are using this app in diverse ways such as –

  • Training
  • Donor Briefing and Fundraising
  • Team collaboration and remote work
  • Host small group meetings
  • Group or individual counseling
  • Live-streaming of events
  • Board meetings
  • Distance learning program

Zoom discount for nonprofits

Zoom app for small nonprofit organizations

To cater to the most uncomplicated needs of the organizations, Zoom has come up with this free plan that offers high-quality video and audio quality with 40 minutes continuous meeting length and invites up to 100 people to join the meeting.

Zoom app for larger nonprofit organizations

The next version of Zoom is Zoom meeting Pro that has removed the 40 minutes length of the meeting, and it costs $14.99 per month before imposing offering any discount. This plan provides a vast number of features to the users, such as unlimited phone calls, unlimited cloud storage for recording meetings, and so on. It is a time-saving tool for the admin. You can invite up to 100 participants to join the meeting.

You can host an unlimited number of meetings with just one license. But if you would like to host more than one meeting concurrently or want to take part in multiple initiating conferences, then you must avail of an additional license for this. Almost all Zoom plans will allow you to invite up to 100 participants to join the meeting.

If you would like to use the Zoom program for nonprofits, you should sign up directly from the Zoom website.

Most of the nonprofit organizations are initiating some of the most significant humanitarian projects in the world today. Implementing these plans or accomplishing the things in the right order is not an easy task, especially the amount of money required to fund these projects. If you pay close attention to the organizations, you will see that a little advancement in technology can make these organizations more efficient, and their workers can work more skillfully. It will give them more freedom to generate revenue, which they need the most.

Generally, a nonprofit organization does not spend much on administration. Instead, they work hard toward achieving their goals. However, cost control is a difficult thing for these organizations as they need to employ a huge number of staff in various regions of the world. In recent days, most organizations are using a new application for establishing seamless communication with their officials which ensures the high operating efficiency of the organizations. The app which they are mostly using these days is none other than Zoom. It is an excellent video-conferencing application that provides excellent quality sound and video.

How Zoom benefits nonprofits?

Zoom app offers a vast number of benefits to organizations. Let’s have a look at them –

Organizing major activities with this app is easy.

With this app, it is easy to organize a video campaign, a march, a volunteer campaign, and so on. You can always stay connected with your administrative staff with the help of this application as it offers crystal clear sound and video. It is recommended to invest in an external microphone for Zoom Meetings if the meeting is for raising funds. Since this app is easy to install and operate, you don’t need to train your staff or educate them with technical knowledge for using it. One needs to download the app, complete the signup process; that’s it. Once these procedures are done correctly, you can easily host or participate in a meeting.

Zoom can be used as an excellent PR tool.

With Zoom, you can initiate a video campaign about a product or business recently launched in the market. Since it is considered an effective means of communication, it can be used for hosting webinars and let people know what you are bringing to them.

How to maximize your privacy with a Zoom account?

Here is a complete guideline to maximize your privacy and optimize your experience with a Zoom account.

  • If you are using a Zoom account for an open meeting and would like to make your colleagues’ attendance easy, the default security setting of this app provides ideal security to the meeting. By checking out its configuration, you can be pretty confident that no confidential information is shared.
  • If you need to share sensitive content in the presentation or the chat window, you must abide by these security features. For example, when you are hosting a meeting, make sure you ask for a password that can be given to you by your expected participants only.
  • Expand the advanced security option of the app to ensure more privacy of the meeting.

This is a critical guideline that you should follow to ensure the maximum privacy of your Zoom meeting. Since this application has received wide popularity over a small period, it is coming up with more advanced features now and then to optimize users’ experience at best.

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  1. What is cost for a group of 8-10 people for meetings .Fresh hope is a mental health nonprofit with volunteers that facilitate meetings each week. We need to do zoom do to covid and the 40 minutes doesn’t give us enough time each week. What would be our lowest cost for meetings. Thank you

    • If you really want to save money, use free basic zoom, and just have a break every 40 min. Then participants can all logon again in less than 30 sec.


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