Does Offers Free Zoom for Educators?

During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and students are finding it difficult to adjust to online learning. Many video-conferencing apps are available at this point, and it isn’t easy to decide which one is the best when we have Zoom for Educators.

Schools have accepted Zoom for enhancing online teaching and uplifting student engagement. Not only Zoom removed time restriction on free accounts but also made several engagement tools available to educational institutions. Combining Zoom with proper equipment and training will ensure excellent student outcomes.

Zoom’s Video Conference- A Learning Platform

Zoom has engendered an online learning environment that’ll feel familiar to both students and teachers. One can stream live lessons or record lectures for college students using this app for free. A single-screen simultaneously exhibits the teacher and all students in the classroom, so that everyone can see one another throughout the session.

The main difference between Zoom and other apps is the simplicity factor. Just one click and you can communicate with the whole class and attend meetings. Those who are new to video conferencing, Zoom will make things swifter for them.

Useful Features of Zoom for Online Classes

1. If a student or teacher doesn’t have a desktop computer at home, no need to worry. Zoom for educators is compatible with several gadgets like iPads, tablets, Android, and iOS devices

2. Although students can share the screen with their classmates, as the host of class, you can implement screen sharing restrictions.

3. It comes with a whiteboard feature to make notes, drawings, or diagrams visible to all. So, teachers and students can use these tools on which they rely on classes.

4. Zoom’s breakout rooms, sanction you to break up students into minute groups for projects and monitor these groups to make sure everyone’s on track. Students must learn from one another, so it also provides a sense of social connection. They can take notes, speak to, and share files just like a standard classroom.

5. Zoom enables classroom to classroom collaborations so that students may study different subjects with different instructors.

Why Utilize Zoom for Educators?

Zoom is a top-rated, multifunctional app that offers a free video-conferencing plan for educators. It removes the time limit on meetings and works for every facet of education and administration. Features like high-quality videos, keyboard shortcuts, etc. make it ideal for teaching students. One can also pre-record lectures for teaching college students.

Professional teams will monitor all video conferences to ensure that education standards are met or not, keeping in mind the overall safety of the environment. When teaching is done, teachers and parents can communicate via Zoom to discuss plans and challenges without worrying about time restrictions.

How to create a Virtual Classroom?

When creating a virtual classroom, instructors must focus on the benefits and possibilities the software provides against the limitations it places on fellow students.

College students prefer virtual classrooms over physical ones. In a traditional learning environment, when a student gets absent, he/she has to borrow notes. But with virtual education, they can play the recording of the class they’ve missed. This way, they remain active and don’t fall behind. Also, if there’s anything they didn’t understand at once, they can simply re-watch it. These are the few significant benefits of a virtual classroom. 

Guide for Setting Up Zoom for Educators

The thought of changing your home into a functioning classroom might feel like an impossible task. Luckily, Zoom’s Education Guide will help you to know in detail what’s required to set up everything. In Zoom for educators, one can sign up for free by providing essential information. After this, inviting students, staff, and faculty will become an easy task. Remember to inform them that video sessions will be recorded and shared through email, not on social media platforms. 

How to Keep Everything in Order

After your session starts, make sure that everyone can hear you and the respective screens are working correctly. Keep in mind that everyone doesn’t have high-speed internet, so wait after sharing files. Let the students open up, download, and view the data. Also, pause for a while to listen to all questions. Communicate with the students and ensure that your behavior hasn’t changed just because the classroom format has. Try to maintain the normalcy of class as students are used to that only.

How to Enhance the Experience of Online Learning?

Make the most out of online learning by-

  1. Pre-record lessons and save time to communicate with parents & faculty to plan for the future.
  2. To maintain a sense of normalcy, restrict the entry of late students.
  3. Provide quick stretch or meal breaks.
  4. Collaborate with local schools or instructors via video.

Is Zoom Safe for Your Class?

When it comes to online learning, student safety is one of the biggest concerns. Therefore, the zoom for educators provides a password-protect feature for your virtual classes and lock entrance into the course after the session has begun. Also, one can turn off the chat feature to keep students away from likely troll. It also provides virtual waiting rooms to avoid unknown users. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an educator or administrator; choosing the right tool for online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic that both you and your team can understand is a tough task. But with Zoom, everything is easy to operate, and it provides all the features you need.

Alternatives to Zoom for Educators

The other options mentioned here are celebrated for their robust security and excellent features. RingCentral, WebEx, BlueJeans, etc. are compatible with the software you’re using and comes with various learning tools.

No one’s certain about when everything will become regular and when all of us will be able to return to traditional learning. Till then, Zoom’s here to help you and your students adjust to distance learning with no costs involved. It comes with several features that everyone will miss once they’re back in a physical classroom or lecture hall. The outbreak of pandemic has undoubtedly changed the world of education overnight, but this won’t stop us from getting an education.

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