Zoom for Google Calendar: How to integrate Zoom with Google Calendar?

After a recent outbreak of the pandemic, work from home has become the need of an hour, and therefore platforms like Zoom are inevitable all across the world. For the versatility of both the platform, it is essential to integrate Zoom for Google Calendar for the smooth and productive functioning of offices and businesses. In this post, we will discuss in detail how you can use the Zoom app in your Google calendar.

How to integrate Zoom for Google Calendar?

We cannot deny the fact that ‘Google made lives simple.’ Today, Google users are present almost everywhere around the world. Google Calendar is one of the most versatile and used by people, especially android users. It is also one of the most user-friendly and productive calendars available in the internet world.

You can schedule and create an alert for any event in the Google Calendar. Zoom is one of the most popular platforms for conducting online meetings, webinars, discussions, etc. In this article, you will learn the integration for two distinguish a mode of use-

  • For all users
  • For your own use

Zoom for Google Calendar

Integrating Zoom for all users using G-Suite admin

Integrating Zoom for all users using G-Suite admin is a simple procedure involving six steps, as detailed below.

  1. Create a G Suite account or log in as admin if you already have one.
  2. Search for Zoom in the G Suite Marketplace.
  3. Select the Zoom for Google Calendar add-on.
  4. Click on the install option and then continue.
  5. Verify the terms and conditions by clicking on the accept button.
  6. Go for https://admin.google.com for further process.

Zoom with white-listed add-on

What if any organization allows its user to use white-listed add-ons only? Here you need to add zoom calendar add-ons to the white-list.

Step-1: If you have G Suite admin credentials, then sign in to the Google Admin Console using these credentials.

Step-2: Open the Marketplace Settings by clicking on the option.

Step-3: Then go to Manage Access to Apps.

Step-4: Select and open the White manage list.

Step-5: Go for Zoom for Google Calendar

Step-6: Click onto the White-list

Step-7: Confirm for further processing.

Integrating Zoom for your own use using Google account

A person having a personal Google account can also install the add-on and integrate the Zoom with Google Calendar. This add-on can be used on the mobile app (iOS or Android) and on Google Calendar desktop. Steps of installing add-ons and integrating are easy, as mentioned below.

  1. Login to your personal Google account. If you don’t have, you can also create a fresh one and then login.
  2. Search for Zoom in the G Suite Marketplace.
  3. Click on the Zoom for Google Calendar.
  4. Go to the install option, click and continue.
  5. Check out the box or click on accept option of terms and conditions after review.

From the above steps, you can see how it is easy to integrate your Zoom with Google Calendar for all users or for personal use. Now scheduling your meetings or webinar will become more easy and handy, and you can set alert also for that day and time.

Advantages of Integrating Zoom with Google Calendar

Not only integrating Zoom with Google Calendar is beneficial, but integrating any video conferencing tools with any Calendar proves to be beneficial. However, both Google Calendar and Zoom have an enormous base of users and provide top end-to-end quality service to their consumers.

They are well known for their productivity and user friendly. Apart from all popularity and user base of Android also makes sense of integrating these tools with Google Calendar. Therefore, the idea to integrate Zoom with Google Calendar is revolutionary and makes the whole giant process of inviting people for discussion becomes easy. Let’s have a look at what advantages this integration brings.

Avoid Manual Error

Creating a meeting, webinar, or discussion is one step, but inviting to all is another and the one who needs ultimate care to take. The possibility of human error is always there, and it may escalate exponentially if the organization is huge, and you have to invite many people.

Even if you don’t invite people individually, manual feeding about a schedule of meeting in the calendar may also often associated with the error, which should have a place in any important discussion and for any organization. This integration can eliminate these errors, and you will have to focus only on the first part of organizing any meeting or webinar.

Accurate and Fast

In this case of integrating Zoom with Google Calendar, you need not waste time in inviting people over phone or emails. Also, you need not feed the calendar. All these processes can be done automatically, and therefore, the entire process becomes faster and with no need for human resources.

Enhanced Productivity

The growth and success of any business or organization lie in the productivity of their people. Suppose you are appointing a group whose responsibility is to feed the calendar about meetings and to invite people is such a waste of manpower and time, which otherwise can do productive for your company. You can save a lot of resources, manpower and can deviate their expertise at the place where they can be more productive and can contribute directly to the growth of your company.

Benefits of Automation

Automation always does human work easy, fast, and accurate. It keeps the entire work of scheduling and inviting in streamline by taking the challenge of gathering contact information and scheduling meetings automatically. You need not spend your time and energy on these works, which eventually makes you more productive, and you can concentrate on many important works for your business or organization.


The integration of Zoom for Google Calendar appears to be vital for every single person who is associated with corporate and business sectors as the current pandemic has compelled us to adapt the work from the home phase to a greater extent. We are thankful to Google for its amazing Zoom app, which comprises a few quick and easy steps of integrating. You can have ample of benefits in terms of productivity and saving resources by integrating Zoom with Google Calendar.

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