Zoom for Government: Pros and Cons

Zoom is the most versatile and powerful platform for organizing remote meetings and webinars. The great success for Zoom comes when they conquer government tender. Today government organizations are also taking active participation in the conferences and webinars with Zoom.

The popularity of remote meetings is due to the need. However, the credit of acceptance of this mode at an enormous level goes to Zoom. Zoom for Government is a software-based conference platform which unifies cloud webinar, online meetings, video conference, and discussion. The best part about this platform is that it offers wireless screen sharing with audio and video facility across all the available operating systems, be it Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Chrome.

There are H.323/SIP room systems and Zoom room also, which provides excellent seamless video conferencing options. Collaboration with the Government is a leap in the success of Zoom, and it’s versatility. Zoom offers government organizations an end to end encrypted solution, which is much needed, especially in terms of privacy of government activities. Zoom comes with multiple features pros and cons associated with them, but always prompt in speedily rectifying their drawbacks.

Zoom for Government
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Pros of using Zoom for Government Organization

The list of benefits of Zoom for governmental purposes is long. Here a little effort to summarize these benefits that are interesting to know.


Government organizations deal with several policies related to the public and their security. Sometimes they work on very confidential issues. However, in this era, apart from the ease and smooth workflow by adopting internet technology, the need for staying at home yet productive is becoming a need and mandatory option.

In this case, hosting online discussions and meetings deals with actuals concerns like privacy. In general, every session and discussion of the Government, an organization needs to be kept confidential until the organization issues an official press release or minutes of the meeting.

Zoom takes care of these concern very well and provides a robust platform with ultramodern state of the art and secure technology. Every discussion held in government organizations kept confidential and highly-secure. The meeting held on the Zoom platform is encrypted end to end so that no can bug, and this makes the Zoom accessible among governments all across the globe.

Cost-effective Solution

The basic plan of Zoom is free. Any organization can host the meetings or conferences with hundreds of screens at a time for a forty-minute seamless discussion without any interruption. It is enough for medium scale government enterprise and a productive meeting of a short period.

However, premium plans are also very cheap, where you get unlimited time and screen sharing. If you assess in terms of several people who can join the discussion, it can be much more than a hundred in case the meeting is organized with small units on big screens. Any organization can also integrate Zoom with smart TV, which has its benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Saving Time and Resources

Unlike private organizations, government organizations need to follow a fixed channel for hiring any external agencies for work. This channel of hiring any agencies go through the tender process or quotation. This tender or quotation process is time-consuming and needs resources to prepare the tender and cost estimate.

Cost-effective Zoom solution eradicates these time and resource-taking processes, and authority of any level can use their power imparted by the organization through Schedule of Powers (SOP) to access the premium version of Zoom. Even it can easily be adjusted in the office and meeting expenses. This is one of the fantastic benefits of Zoom for Government.

Enhanced Productivity

Government organizations are most liable to blame in terms of productivity all across the world, except few developed countries. Reasons for the productivity loss and loss of resources are many, but the significant loss is in terms of the claim for travel and other allowances.

The department of finance and HR of any government organization has a separate team to deal with these claims, which can be avoided in many ways. Adopting Zoom for meetings, conferences, seminars, training, recruitment, community outreach, etc. can enhance the productivity of any government organization at the next level.

Right Use of Resources

These days every government organization equipped with computed systems having the best quality hardware and also connected to high-speed internet connectivity. But the conventional way of hosting meetings and conference results in a massive loss of resources, which can be minimized by adopting Zoom for Government.

Effective Awareness

Serving citizens can be assessed in terms of monetary benefits, but it can also be in terms of the awareness program. Zoom helps in reaching communities by any government agencies through a seamless video conferencing platform. It can also be used for imparting important live messages through the speech of the leader to the mass on their screen in a very convenient way.

Integration with external sources

Integrating Zoom with outlook, Google Calendar, etc. make it an efficient platform for remote discussion, and it also optimizes the resource of any government organization.

Cons of using Zoom for Government Organization

Disadvantages of adopting Zoom for Government are minimal, and generally, zoom plays a secondary role in any problems if occur.


Yes, in the above section, the ‘privacy’ falls under pros, but you cannot take the internet world as granted as far as security is concerned. You can never ultimately ensure that your discussion will be safe, and therefore, any good internet-based platform can promptly overcome any bugs. So, a government organization which deals in high-security related issues like defense, intelligence, etc. cannot rely on this platform blindly. You can get news around the world where alerts by highly esteemed security agencies about data are compromised by zoom-bomber or hackers. However, Zoom is capable of handling these situations very promptly, in case it occurs.

Internet-Based Platform

If the internet connection of any participants is terrible at the scheduled time of the meeting, everything is ruined. Even poor internet connection can lead to poor audio and video quality. Therefore, this situation can waste the quality time of people involved, and sometimes it jeopardizes the whole plan, especially of the discussion to be held was urgent. However, these cons are associated with any platform providing access for remote discussion.


Remote meetings and discussions are the need of the hour for any organization across the globe, especially after the recent outbreak of a pandemic. Soon the word seminar and office meeting shall be replaced by webinar or zoom meeting! The idea of remote meetings was always there. Still, it becomes popular in recent days, and other than big private organizations also start taking an interest in this contemporary mode of meeting.

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