Zoom for Outlook | How to integrate Zoom to Outlook?

In this current situation, most of us are going through work from home phase. We can call this a never-ending phase until everything gets back to normal. Therefore, conduction online meetings via video conference have become an integral part of our work from home session. In this article, we have discussed in detail about three important categories for the integration of Zoom for Outlook.

We all start preparing for a business meeting over a video conference at least one-two hours before. With a thousand-time trial and error, we finally set for the video call. Now imagine how it feels to experience a lagging video, low-quality audio, etc. It just ruins the meeting session, and the after-impact is terrible. Zoom is inarguably the best video conference meeting app remarkable for its crisp audio performance, lag-free videos, instant sharing, etc.

How to integrate Zoom for Outlook?

Zoom for Outlook
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How to integrate Zoom to Outlook App for your own use

Step 1: Download the Zoom for outlook app. You can download it from Microsoft Store as Microsoft has its inbuilt app integration.

Step 2: Now create a new Zoom Meeting. Though you have Zoom with your Outlook, you should know how it works. Open your online Outlook calendar and select a new calendar event. By filling out all the details for meeting purposes, you can make sure that everything is ready.

Step 3: Choose the Zoom setting in Outlook. Zoom meeting when you create it via Outlook, it comprises of usual settings from your online Zoom profile. First, select the meeting options for your Outlook Web Calendar. Now select the Zoom add-ins option as you did previously. But remember, you have to choose ‘Settings’ this time from Zoom’s drop-down menu. It will open a new section for you where you have to select Zoom settings for your meeting. These options will include:

  • Changing the meeting for whom it is scheduled
  • It will create a meeting with ID for tracking
  • Deciding whether the participants are willing to have a video conference or not
  • Selecting an audio option for you
  • Enabling the host option before joining
  • Muting the partaker as soon as they are ready
  • How to record the meeting automatically

How to integrate Zoom to Outlook Web for your own use

Please note that if you want to install Zoom with an outlook on your Outlook desktop app, then you must have a Microsoft Exchange account, which is already added to your Outlook. You can click on the File tab to view reports added:

Step-1: First, go to Zoom for Outlook in the Microsoft App Store.

Step-2: Click On the Get it Now.

Step-3. Now follow the Microsoft App Store prompts for the completion of the installations.

How to install Zoom for Outlook add-in for all users (Office 365 admin)

Step-1: First, sign in to the Office 365 Admin Portal.

Step-2: Now, go to Navigate to Setting (gear icon) then go to Services And add-ins.

Step-3: Now click on the Deploy Add-in option

Step-4: Check the information on the Centralized Deployment and click on to the Next Option.

Step-5: Now, select, I want to add an add-in from the Office Store.

Step-6: Click on Next.

Step-7: Now search for Zoom to Outlook And then Click on Get it now option.

Step-8: Read the add-in details and click Next.

Step-9: You can choose how you want to see the add-in deployed at your organization.

Step-10: Click Next

Step-11: Now select who has got access to this add-in. You can also search for groups if you wish to add them.

Step-12: After you click on the Save option, a manifest file will process.

Step-13: When it is done, click on the Close option.

Advantages of using Zoom for Outlook

The advantages of the Zoom app are surrounded by its ability to deliver a consistent video conferencing experience and streamline enterprise. The high-quality video, easy interface, and integration, top-notch audio make Zoom stand among the rest. So, let’s find out what best Zoom can offer us.

Usability and Deployment

The best Zoom experience you will have is its super easy-to-use features. All you need to do is just download, click it, set it up, and then you are off to run. It is, in fact, one of the best features of video conferencing solution which every business must deploy.

Quality of Video and Audio

One would hardly doubt the video and audio quality of Zoom. The quality of both audio and video of Zoom is excellently feasible even in low-spare capacity circumstances.

The capability of Video Conferencing

Zoom is perfect for a long-time video conference as it offers a hundred percent assistance and reliability. And you know the best part? Well, even after an ample of participants, Zoom can still provide impressive feed, sound quality with the help of a MIC, and chats.


Sometimes we have to handle sensitive matters over video conferences such as data. So, if you are looking for someone to keep your data safe even when you are attending a video conference, then Zoom is the best option.


Thanks to the versatility of Zoom as it has made remote collaboration easy and hassle-free. It allows organizations handle many operations, communications no matter in which device you are or the conference room it is.

Easy-to-Use Online Meeting

With immersive video conferencing, Zoom gets the 5 stars. Not just crisp and high-quality audio and video, but Zoom makes your experience even better by allowing you to create a personal URL or meeting ID. You can share your URL or meeting ID with the other participants.


The solution of the Zoom app is very much progressive as it comes with some expandable features. Zoom keeps growing with your organization, and it becomes easy to handle for its expansion of the growing needs. Zooms provides any organization with an easy-to-adapt feature to their communication strategies according to the size and requirement.

Partners Integrations

Now, this is the most trending question about using the Zoom app. Zoom can get integrated with a vast range of third-party applications that includes Marketo, Skype, Google, Dropbox, Salesforce, Zapier, Okat, Box, Eloqua, HipChat, and a lot more.


Thankfully, today we are living in such a place where we have a healthy organization that keeps a proper check on the patient’s health data. With Zoom, you will get to experience the complete security standard of HIPAA. Zoom is designed with a security architecture that provides HIPAA-Compliant and end-to-end encryption.


Days are gone when people used to schedule meetings with their clients and customers in restaurants, cafes, etc. With the revolutionary change in this fast-paced advance technological management, we are thankful for having amazing Zoom as our one of the best video conference tool today.

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