Using Zoom for School: What are the Pros & Cons?

We are living in an era of advent technology. Every sector shows noteworthy dependency on several advanced technological means these days, and the educational area is also not an exception to it. Schools, colleges, and other educational systems have started using different virtual ways to educate their students remotely. In this regard, among many other video conferencing apps and services, Zoom has been the most preferred app worldwide for its amazing features and benefits. One can use Zoom for school in a perfect manner.

Zoom is nothing but a leading video communication app that generally provides an easy, effective, reliable, and efficient cloud platform for audio and video conferencing, chat, collaboration as well as virtual seminars across desktops, mobile devices, and other similar gadgets. This app is there to effectively provide free 40 min meeting sessions in its basic plan. This plan is ideal and appropriate for K-12 schools.

Zoom is the best way and means for teachers and educators around the world to design their teachings and lesson for properly addressing their students sitting at their homes.

You are just supposed to create a free online account first to avail all the features and benefits of this app. Zoom is there to make the video conferencing experience for both teachers and students as enjoyable as possible. This is almost like face to face teaching and classes. The only difference is that you get the comfort and convenience of your home while taking the course.

Getting a free online Zoom account

To use Zoom in the best way possible, the teachers, staff, and administrators are required to create a free Zoom online account. They have to sign up with the appropriate work email ID. One is also allowed to do the signing with the social media credentials, but in this case waiver of 40 min limit for classes might not be applicable.

How to remove the 40 mins time limit temporarily?

In case you want to use Zoom for school, then you might be eager to get rid of the 40 min time limit on your Zoom account to take online classes smoothly and easily, then you have to follow the below-described methods.

  1. Any of the school or college members are required to fill out a specific form available in Zoom requesting temporary removal of 40 min time limitation. In this case, the credentials of the school have to be valid and authentic.
  2. After the verification, the basic accounts using the school’s credentials and email domain will get the relaxation from 40 min time limitation.

Once these two steps are done, the teachers are allowed to log in, properly schedule the classes, and send an invitation to the students. On the other hand, the students are not needed to have an account on Zoom. All they need to do is download the Zoom app on a phone or computer, and then they can effectively join the classes with links sent by their teachers as invitations.

Pros of using zoom for school

There are different kinds of Zoom for which this app is getting more popular than other similar apps in the market. Some of the most notable and significant pros of Zoom for school are described below for your knowledge and convenience.

Screen Sharing:

The screen sharing option of Zoom is very useful and beneficial for both the educators and learners. Zoom is there to enable the feature of showing the presenter on one screen as well as a presentation on other screens.

This amazing feature proves to be a great advantage in the education sector that brings plenty of possibilities. A presenter might use one camera directed to them, and the document camera might be running for presenting the information. Thus sharing screen options seems to become extremely handy.

Recording Video Stream:

This feature is also extremely beneficial and advantageous. You can effectively record the live classes and lectures for future purposes and needs. Each of the recordings will be stored on the device that you can later upload on the cloud for other students to access it. To record, you are supposed to click on the ‘Record’ button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. You also have the option to stop recording whenever you want. Once the online meeting is over, the recorded video will be automatically converted to the MP4 format.

Using Annotations:

In the time of presenting something using screen sharing feature of Zoom, there might be a need to leave notes or marks on some places of the screen for reference. The annotation feature of Zoom is there to allow you to do this using some pens, arrows, or highlighters. If you want to use this feature, then you will have to click on the downward pointing arrow, which is just next to the ‘Stop Share’ button. You are to get various kinds of annotations there for your doing.

High Security:

Zoom uses high security for the safety and protection of data of all users worldwide. In comparison with other similar services and applications, Zoom provides high security and protection from online theft, hacking, and malware. Moreover, all Zoom users get regular security updates.

Cheap and Affordable:

Zoom is known to be quite cheap and affordable for companies to use their different plans. Moreover, it provides its users with some of the best features and benefits out there. Also, the basic plan of this app is completely free, with some limited features.

Cons of using zoom for school

Apart from all the above-described pros of using Zoom, there are some cons that you also should know about.

  • At times, Zoom could be quite difficult and confusing for new users to handle.
  • A fast internet connection is required for smooth operation. It can be a disadvantage for those who do not have fast internet speed at their disposal.
  • The mobile Zoom app for iOS happens to have low audio quality.
  • Sometimes the videos can be blurry, and audios can be noisy.
  • There have been some issues regarding its online security and protection.
  • This app is not completely free. On the other hand, its basic plan happens to have a few features, along with a lot of limitations.


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