Zoom for Xbox: Can I Use Zoom on Xbox?

Zoom has always been one of those trendsetter apps that are used by almost everyone, from students to professionals alike. And while it continues to gain popularity in this digital era, it only makes sense you would want to use it on all sorts of devices. Thankfully, Zoom is known to support a vast array of platforms and devices natively. But the question we ask is do we have an option to use Zoom for Xbox?

However, exceptions are there – and Xbox is one of them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t solve the problem. Xbox supports a handy feature called casting, which can enable you to replicate the same Zoom experience, provided you already have a supported device running the Zoom app alongside.

What Is Zoom?

So, what exactly is Zoom all about? And why is everyone so fond of it? Zoom is an app that provides for reliable and seamless video and audio communications over the internet. It aims to eliminate the barriers of physical meetings and harnesses digital technology to provide for a state-of-the-art platform for large-scale coordination.

As it is with online apps, Zoom is super user friendly and easy to use. Whether you are a student attending online classes or a business person in a virtual meeting, Zoom has you covered with its set of nifty features.

Zoom App Features

  1. User-friendly interface – Zoom app is made with beginners in mind. Connecting to meetings or even hosting your own merely takes a couple of clicks.
  2. Security – You can explicitly configure your privacy settings both as a host as well as a participant. Zoom allows users to turn off their video/audio at any time should they feel like it.
  3. Unmatched quality – Unlike other applications like Skype or Cisco Webex, Zoom offers unparalleled HD video quality across all devices.
  4. Recording capabilities – You’ll never have to worry about missing a lecture again with Zoom’s recording capabilities. However, it is up to the host to initiate the recording and make it available to the participants.

Zoom for Xbox

What Is Xbox?

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox is an affordable yet powerful gaming console which is mainly popular among the younger generation. With that said, many students are looking to integrate their classroom experience into their favorite console. This brings up the question, is Zoom for Xbox even possible? Long answer short, Yes! But not in the way you think.

Unlike other devices where the app can natively run without any external dependencies, Xbox leverages a secondary device for power (which can be your laptop or desktop). But even this is no longer supported since the Xbox app store removed the Zoom Rooms app recently.

Therefore, the only remaining solution is to use Screen Cast.

Setting Up Zoom for Xbox

Before the Zoom Rooms app was taken off the Xbox App Store, there were two ways you could use Zoom on an Xbox.

  1. Download the Zoom Meetings app from the Xbox App Store (now no longer available).
  2. Use Chromecast to cast your phone’s screen to Zoom.

Even though only the latter is viable at the moment, you may still be interested in getting Zoom up and running through the first method. There is always a very high chance of Xbox App Store reintroducing the Zoom Rooms app, given its high popularity.

Process for Installing Zoom App

Here’s a step by step guide for launching Zoom app on Xbox-

  • Firstly, open the Xbox one.
  • Search for the menu option. Click the Store option on the menu.
  • You’ll find a Search option. Search for “Zoom Rooms.”
  • After this, choose the “Get it free” option.
  • To verify the transaction, press “Confirm” on the new screen.
  • The installation process gets started subsequently.
  • Once the installation process is over, you can look at My Apps option.
  • From now on, you can conduct video-conferences using Zoom on Xbox.
  • You must also have a Zoom account.

Setting Up Zoom Conferences

Follow the guidelines mentioned below, to set-up Zoom

  • At first, launch the Zoom Rooms on your MAC, PC, Android device, iPad, or iPhone.
  • After the installation procedure, open the Zoom app.
  • One can also commence Zoom Rooms on Xbox.
  • To link your gadget and Xbox, click on “Connect.”
  • After this, press “Meet Now” to begin the meeting/session.

This process is more like screen casting the Zoom app to Xbox. It’s a way of casting the Zoom application without Chromecast to the Xbox.

How to cast a Zoom Meeting Using Chromecast on Xbox?

To cast a Zoom session on Xbox using Chromecast, follow the steps cited here-

  • Firstly, link the Chromecast to the Xbox HDMI port.
  • Then, look for the television app on Xbox and open it.
  • You’ll get two options there- One is the satellite box, and the other one is connecting your cable.
  • Choose an option and, if in doubt, go for option B and click to Next. After this, select Skip.
  • Now, here again, you’ll get two options. There’s move on the Home Screen or Open TV App.
  • Then, select Next.
  • After this, go to your MAC, PC, or Android device and press Cast.
  • Now, select your Chromecast gadget in the option.
  • Finally, it’ll cast your device to the Xbox.
  • Now, you can run the Zoom software on your gadget.

Nowadays, most companies are following the rule – work from home. So how to attend meetings virtually? It’ simple. Use the Zoom app on Xbox. Zoom App on Xbox is easy and straightforward to set-up and launch. One can use this application by utilizing the internet. It’s an excellent opportunity for employees to finish their work quickly through this application.

Also, it’s the most suitable option for those working from home as they can join/attend any video conference swiftly at any time by using the Zoom Rooms app in the Xbox. It’ll fulfil all your demands and needs and will satisfy you. We hope that you’ll be able to launch Zoom on Xbox successfully. For more in-depth information and to know about our upcoming articles, keep following our blog.

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