Zoom Instructions for Students during Online classes

Zoom- an internet-based app used for video & audio conferencing, live chats, webinars, and other collaborative things through laptop/computer (PC/MAC)-recommended, smartphone (iOS/Android), Tablet (iOS/Android), etc. Users of Zoom can record sessions, share screens, collaborate on projects, all with a single handy software. It offers HD-quality video & audio.

What’s Zoom Used for in Online Classes

Zoom’s used to perform many activities outside of a traditional classroom. Try using Zoom for…

  • Discussing and working on homework with classmates.
  • Re-cap of previous sessions for better understanding.
  • Arrange a meeting for an organization or club.
  • Meeting with classmates and friends for assignments and projects.
  • Preparing a presentation.
Zoom Instructions for Students
Source: pacificu.edu

How Does Zoom Work for Students?

Joining a Session

  1. Visit Zoom.us
  2. Click on the “Join a Meeting” tab on the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. When open, enter your appointed meeting ID (meeting Id can be a digit number like- 3,4,5). The host should provide the meeting ID.
  4. And… you’re in!

Host a session

  1. Visit Zoom.us.
  2. Click on the “Host a Meeting” tab. You’ll find it on the right corner of the homepage.
  3. Select whether you want to keep a video chat off or on.
  4. Using your login details, sign in, or create a new account.
  5. Install the Zoom app and open it.
  6. Send out a Meeting ID or link to every participant you wish to join.
  7. That’s it! You’ve hosted a meeting.

Share your screen with others-

  1. Zoom enables its users to share their entire screen with every participant present in the conference call. To do so, click on the “Share Screen” button present at the bottom of the window. Keep in mind that a single person can only use this function at a time.
  2. And… to stop sharing the screen, click on the ‘Stop Sharing’ button.

Zoom Instructions for Students

Before preparing for a Zoom session, following up instructions will enhance your experience. So here are few Zoom instructions for students

  1. Download or launch the Zoom app in advance on (PC/MAC/iOS/Android), as installation may take few minutes. Go through all Zoom instructions for students here or through any external Zoom link found in your canvas course. For more information, visit Zoom’s Getting Started page.
  2. Run a test meeting once to test your desktop’s or device’s potential. Practice using all Zoom features listed in the “Zoom menu” or “Views to Choose From” option.
  3.  If you’re facing any technical questions regarding the session, contact the IT Help Desk of HSU’s. If you’re having any disability and require an accommodation like captioning, contact HSU’s Disability Resource Centre (google the contact info). All these procedures take a lot of time, so be sure to communicate with them within a few days to schedule the appropriate service.
  4. After this, Find a suitable corner with secure WIFI that’s free from any distraction. Check your internet connection speed via any software you wish to use. Open your Zoom app and test your microphones, headphone, camera to make sure you’re able to hear the host and whole class properly and vice versa.
  5. For testing your microphone, click on “Test Computer Mic & Speakers” that’ll appear as a pop-up window on opening test meeting or beginning your scheduled session. And for testing your camera, look at the Zoom window to see that you’re visible or not and can move, speak with any breaks. But for all these, you’ll be required to allow Zoom permission for accessing your camera and microphone earlier. So, a pop-up window will appear seeking your license the first time you’ll open a Zoom meeting.
  6. In addition to the previous point, if you’ve declined any consent in the past, you can allow it by visiting your device’s settings. From there, enable Zoom to access your microphone and camera. For any further problems, contact the Help Desk for assistance or information on the internet speed.
  7. If you’ve opened any additional windows or programs unrelated to your class, close it as soon as it is visible to others when you are sharing your screen. Not only this, but internet speed might focus on that particular tab, thereby deteriorating your Zoom meeting experience. So, save yourself from such embarrassing moments and also protect your data.
  8. To begin broadcasting from your webcam, press- ‘Start Video.’ Click on the Chat option to ask quarries via text, keep up with any debate, or share links to websites. You can chat with every participant or classmate during the session. Also, to know who else is in the course, click on “Participants.” This point’s the most useful Zoom instructions for students.
  9. Be prepared to share your screen with your classmates and host. No matter how many students are in a session, there’s probably someone watching your video at all times point. So, remember, instruction no. 7 to save yourself from any embarrassing encounters. And, at the end of class, press “Leave Meeting.”
  10. For scheduling any Zoom session/meeting, Visit the Zoom app or program, and click “Schedule Meeting.”

Types of  Views Available for Students

Along with several Zoom instructions for students, two to three views are also available. Looks can be modified by taking the mouse at the top right corner of the Zoom Meeting Window and selecting the desired option. There are three views-

  • Fullscreen– It’ll maximize the whole screen for a proper view.
  • Speaker view– It’ll focus on the audio more than video.
  • Gallery view– It’ll view all participants present there on call.

Pros of Zoom for Students

  • A free app– Yes, Zoom’s free for its users, you aren’t required to pay anything after the latest update.
  • Comes with an unlimited number of sessions– If you’re a student, you’ll have to attend a lot of classes. So, here’s Zoom with as many courses as you would want!

It isn’t easy to adapt to distance learning. But not to worry as Zoom will make things easier for you. It’s an all-in-one app that’ll help you enhance your education from connecting to a bunch of people to recording sessions. For more in-depth information related to this topic, keep following our page to witness the upcoming articles.

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