Zoom Meeting login options explained for each clients

So you’ve installed the Zoom mobile app or the desktop client, but how does Zoom Meeting login work? How do you log in to a meeting, and what’s with those invitation emails or meeting IDs that Zoom often talks about?

You will find the answers to these questions below. We are going to cover all the Zoom login methods available at the moment.

Zoom Meeting Login Via Windows/Mac/Linux

  1. Open the Zoom client.
  2. Click Sign In to join a meeting with your Zoom account. If you do not want to log in with your account or don’t have one, click Join a Meeting.
  3. Enter the meeting’s ID number which should have been provided to you by the meeting host.
  4. Enter your display name if you aren’t signing in with a Zoom account. If you are logging in with your Zoom account but don’t want to use your default name, you may type in another name.
  5. Choose if you want to connect with audio or video.
  6. Click Join.

Login via Android or iOS

  1. Open the Zoom app.
  2. Tap on Sign In to join with your Zoom account or Join a Meeting to join without it.
  3. Enter the meeting ID.
  4. Set a display name if logging in without a Zoom account.
  5. Select whether to connect video or audio.
  6. Tap Join Meeting.

Login via Web Browser

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Go to Zoom’s login page.
  3. Enter the meeting ID provided by the host.
  4. You will be prompted to download the Zoom client to join the meeting. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the client.
  5. Follow the steps described in the Login Via Windows/Mac/Linux

Login via Email

  1. Enter your mailbox.
  2. Find the invitation email sent to you by the meeting host.
  3. The mail will contain the Zoom Meeting’s link. Click the link to join the meeting.

Login via Instant Message

If you are online via the Zoom desktop client or the mobile app, meeting hosts will be able to send you invitations via Zoom instant messages. You will receive a call with information about the caller. To join the meeting, select Accept in the Zoom app.

Login via Telephone

  1. Zoom allows for login via landline and mobile phones. To be able to do so, you will need to receive a teleconferencing number from the meeting host.
  2. When prompted to enter the meeting ID, type it in via your dial pad. The meeting ID is also provided by the meeting host.

Zoom Meeting Login via H.323/SIP

  1. You need the H.323/SIP the Room Connector port add-on to use this login option.
  2. Enter the IP address provided by the host in the meeting invitation.
  3. Enter the meeting ID via DTMF tones and follow it by #. You may also use dial strings (e.g. to directly join the meeting.

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