How to get Zoom Meeting Tutorials online?

Zoom has incredibly deep functionality which can be quite overwhelming for non-tech-savvy users. Well, fortunately for them, there is a variety of Zoom Meeting tutorials out there to help people get started!

Zoom Meeting Tutorials


YouTube is perhaps the best place to look for Zoom Meeting Tutorials. No matter what you want to do – schedule a meeting, install the Zoom client on your Mac, or customize your Personal Link or Personal Meeting ID – you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

What’s even better about YouTube is that you can find a lot of videos on Zoom troubleshooting. It’s great when you have a text guide telling you what to do to fix your problem, but visual information is easier to digest, and seeing how things are done with your own eyes can help you deal with issues quicker.

Official Zoom Video Tutorial

Zoom has its own video tutorials, and they are good if you want to find some general information on how things work in the client or the web portal.

With that being said, Zoom’s tutorials aren’t going to be the best option if you have problems with the service – they only provide users with how-tos on the functionality of Zoom. Not only that, but if you are looking for very specific things, then you may not be able to find the answer with Zoom’s video tutorials.

However, the official Zoom Meeting Tutorial should be enough if you just want to find out how things work. And we think that it’s the best place to get started if you just want to get acquainted with the service’s functionality.

Online PDF guides

You probably haven’t thought about it, but you can also find a wealth of Zoom Meeting Tutorials as PDF guides. Most often, these are published by educational institutions to guide students and teachers through the process of getting started with Zoom.

You can find some very interesting things in such PDF guides. For example, if you are a teacher at a university, then Western Illinois University’s PDF guide can provide you with useful insight on effective learning.

You can also find some more general guides, like this one composed at the New River Technical College.

Zoom appears to be pretty widely used by companies and educational institutes alike, so it’s likely that your company has also developed some guides for its employees. Even if it has not, you can still find very useful information in the guides made by other companies.

To find PDF guides, you may google things like “Zoom PDF tutorial” or “Zoom PDF tutorial for students”, and you should find a wealth of handy PDF guides!

Paid tutorials

Believe it or not, there also are paid Zoom Meeting tutorials. One example of such a tutorial is the Zoom tutorial provided by Mosen Consulting. In their audiobook, the guys at Mosen Consulting walk you through the entire Zoom service from its basics to the more advanced stuff.

While some part of the information provided in this tutorial is covered in many free tutorials, you may be able to find info that is specific to what you want to do with Zoom. And overall, we suggest that you start with some free Zoom Meeting Tutorial and then see whether it’s enough for you.

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