Zoom Privacy Concerns: How Zoom Protects Your Privacy?

With institutions and offices going all-way-home, the video-conference platforms are gaining enormous success worldwide. Zoom is one of the leading apps currently. But, growing concerns over protection across the platform have many users pondering about such options. 

There’s a trade-off between usability and security when picking a video-call product. Institutions and offices should contemplate supporting various software options, educating their users about the privacy terms, and configuring them securely.

The most vital criteria for selecting a video conferencing software is end-to-end encryption of data and calls protection policies. Zoom usually addresses all your Zoom privacy concerns and tells users what third parties can access and what data is collected.

Addressing common Zoom Privacy Concerns

Zoom Privacy Concerns

Carefully read the following section to know about Zoom privacy concerns:

Zoom privacy policy for Children

Zoom doesn’t allow kids deliberately under the age of 16 to sign in for their accounts. Secondary and primary schools or districts register to Zoom’s video conferencing platform through a “K – 12/Secondary and Primary Account. Where terms vary, as with the inhibitions on advertising in K-12 Accounts, the K-12/ Secondary and Primary Privacy concerns take precedence.

Zoom privacy policy for Government

This section deals with Zoom privacy concerns for Government (ZFG). Where terms vary, this section comes before. The United States of America hosts it in a different cloud authorized by FedRAMP.

  • All information collected about you while utilizing the Zoom for Government website or ZFG service gets stockpiled in the United States of America.
  • Zoom’s vital data is only rectified in obedience to FedRAMP’s “moderate impact level” command standards.
  • In this statement, the points related to data handling outside the United States of America do not apply to exclusive data gathered by Zoom about you in association with your use of the ZFG website or ZFG service.
  • Concerning the Zoom App Marketplace, Zoom doesn’t allow third parties to utilize any personal information obtained from the site for their own purpose unless they use it with your permission.

Zoom privacy policy for App Marketplace & Other Websites, Mobile Operations, and Assistance

This privacy policy doesn’t appeal to any third-party applications or software that you select to add to the services (Third Party Services), or any other third-party sites, online products or mobile applications, assistance, or business may access from this assistance. When you launch an app from the Zoom App Marketplace, the app’s publisher lays down its own terms or privacy policy, service, and support information. Thereby review that information thoroughly.

How Zoom Shares Exclusive Data?

Zoom only share personal data with companies, organizations, or individuals outside of Zoom when one of the following circumstances applies:

With Consent

Zoom may share private information with organizations, companies, and people outside of Zoom and others, after getting the consent from that respective individual (as relevant).

For Corporate Transactions

Zoom might share your personal information with prospective or actual acquirers, spokespersons, and other applicable participants. It’ll be conducted during negotiations of any merger, acquisition, sale, restructuring, or modification in control involving all or a part of Zoom’s assets or business. This will also include a connection with a bankruptcy or the same proceedings.

With Zoom Associates

If you become a customer and Zoom receives your private information from a third-part ally, Zoom may disclose their partnership positioning designee. Zoom partners have methodically agreed to comply with specific security and privacy obligation.

For Sub-processing

Zoom offers vital information to service providers or sub-processors to help them layout the services and Zoom’s business purposes. Examples include carriers, payment processors, public cloud storage vendors, and service providers to control customer support tickets. Zoom denies sub-processors from utilizing the exclusive data for any reason other than administering the contracted-for services. Also, Zoom methodically needs sub-processors to obey all specific security and privacy requirements.

For Legal Points

  • Zoom shares exclusive data with organizations, companies, and people outside Zoom, if they have faith in them, who use, access, or disclose that information if it’s necessary to-
  • Match any law or respond to accurate legal process, including government agencies or law enforcement.
  • Enforce relevant Terms of assistance, including the examination of potential violations.
  • Detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security problems, or technical issues. To control, identify, or otherwise examine fraud, technical or security problems.
  • To protect Zoom’s rights, safety, and property against any danger, including preventing anyone’s severe injury or loss of life.

Privacy Measures to follow for a safe and secure video conferencing

Even though Zoom privacy concerns are well-noted, everyone must adopt a few safety measures for themselves.

Turn off the “Attention Tracking” 

From your Zoom account settings, please turn off the attention tracker by toggling it to the left.

Turn off the “Auto-Saving”

From your Zoom account settings, toggle the Autosaving chats to the left.

Make use of Virtual Background.

The room you’re in during a conference call can expose many things about where you reside, your hobbies, and your habits. If you aren’t comfortable having your living area in the background during calls, use a virtual environment. Visit Zoom’s official website, go to the menu from the top right corner of your screen while using Zoom, search for Preferences, and then Virtual Backgrounds.

How to Avoid Trolls?

To safeguard yourself from trolls, follow these-

  • Avoid posting the link of your Meeting ID publicly. Send it directly to groups and trusted people instead.
  • Passwords of the meeting room are now turned on by default for each account.
  • Please use the COPY INVITATION function to duplicate the meeting link and send it to the selected viewers. That link may include the meeting’s password. Please search for a longer URL, with punctuations like a question or exclamation mark in it, to ensure it is included in your meeting password.
  • Select PARTICIPANTS from the bottom of the Zoom window, and click on LOCK MEETING.

Every user needs to go through all the privacy policies of the Zoom app. This will protect your interests and personal data from fraud. It’s also not only Zoom but also your responsibility to safeguard yourself by learning all security measures.


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