Zoom Room Review – Is it a BEST Video Conferencing Room System?

What is Zoom Room?

Zoom Room is another innovative solution from Zoom that makes video communications frictionless and allows you to transform any room into a Zoom conference room. Zoom Room is a software-based conferencing system that integrates flawless video and audio and enables you to meet with anyone including remote participants on mobile, desktop, or even other external conference systems. Let’s analyze its features in-depth in the following Zoom Room Review.

Zoom Room Review

How does Zoom Room Work?

When you think about conference rooms, the first thing that comes to your mind is the dangling wires and cables running across the room. With Zoom Room, everything is wireless, and you can easily integrate your Zoom Room with your calendar to effectively schedule your meetings. Forget all those dialing into VOIP conference calls, with Zoom Room joining a call is just a touch away. And what’s more, you are bringing in high-quality video, audio, and web-conferencing features to your online meeting.  Zoom Room is simple and easy to set up as you can build the room according to your requirements along with the hardware you need on top of the award-winning Zoom’s cloud platform.

Features of Zoom Room

Easy to setup

Zoom room is simple and flexible to set up as you can quickly transfer your office conference room into a Zoom room with cloud access.


With Zoom Room you can easily deploy a scalable and flexible conferencing solution that will help you meet all your meeting requirements in one place combining high-quality video, audio, and meeting solutions.

Simple User Interface

Zoom Solutions are specially designed to be very simple to use that even non-technical users can easily conduct online meetings with ease.

HD video and audio

Bring the latest technology with top-quality audio and video and web conferencing to boring conference rooms and make it more interactive and productive.


With Zoom Room you can include all kinds of participants to the meeting including remote participants, desktop, mobile and even integrate other conferencing solutions to the table.

Wireless sharing

Forget the cords and cables and everything with Zoom Rooms is wireless

Centralized management

Manage your zoom room from a centralized administration panel get all the status of all the conference rooms happening all over the office from a single admin console

Zoom Room Benefits

One of the major benefits of the Zoom Room is that it can turn meeting space like a classroom, conference room, huddle room, or a training room into a fully-functional video conferencing room equipped with wireless content sharing, integrated audio and video along with Zoom cloud platform.

Depending on your meeting requirements, you can easily customize the hardware selections and easily connect all participants from desktops, laptops, mobile, and even integrate other conference systems.

Similar to Zoom Meeting, Zoom Room also has provisions to integrate easily with your Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook to manage and schedule your meeting quickly.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Another major advantage of the Zoom Room is that it completely wireless and there are no disturbances of cords and cables running up and down in your meeting room.

Zoom Room also provides integration with touch screens to enable interactive whiteboards and you can easily start a meeting or join a meeting with just a touch of a button. The whiteboard supports up to 3 people using it simultaneously. You also have the option to save the whiteboard for future reference.

With the Zoom Room scheduling display, you can forget all the headaches you had previously in booking a room for a meeting as you can book a room instantly and even display a schedule of meetings later in the day.

Recommended Zoom Room Settings

Zoom Room offers ultimate control for the meeting host to take control of the meeting as they can mute/unmute participants, start/stop a meeting, stop a particular participant video, show closed caption text, etc.

Zoom Room Setup Requirements

To Setup Zoom Room, you need a TV to share presentations and to see other participants. An LED TV with minimum 50 inches is enough to get the large screen display. And to control the meeting, you need to have a computer to join the meeting and an iPad to control the proceedings of the meeting. Apart from this you also need a mic, camera, and speaker to set up your Zoom Room.

  • Conference room camera
  • Conference room speaker
  • Microphone
  • Computer to run meetings (and keyboard for initial setup)
  • Big screen display (and HDMI-supported TV works just fine)
  • Touch controller (iPad)

Must have Zoom Room Hardware

For a complete Zoom Room hardware requirement, you can look at the following URL:


Zoom Room Pricing

Zoom Rooms offers plans from $49/mo for a single zoom room and you can hop in a few more add-ons to make your meeting more interactive and engaging. Add-ons include Webinar, where you can host 100 participants for $40/mo and if you need H.323/SIP Room connector, then it comes down to $49/mo for a single port. If you are planning to host a large meeting for up to 500 participants and more, you can choose the Large meeting add-on along with Audio conferencing and cloud recording options.

Zoom Room Activation Code

Zoom Room allows various ways to sign into Zoom Rooms. Admins can use their login credentials to log in to the zoom room or use a zoom activation code to join the rooms. It is better to have an activation code generated as it is more secure as you need to generate the code every 10 days. Especially if the zoom room is set up by a person who is not an administrator, it is better to use an activation code.

Recommended Zoom Room Bandwidth

To run the Zoom Room, you need to have the following bandwidth requirements:

  • 0 Mbps up and down for single screen
  • 0 Mbps up 4.0 Mbps down for dual-screen
  • 0 Mbps up 6.0 Mbps down for triple screen
  • For screen sharing only: 150-300kbps
  • For audio VoIP: 60-80kbps

Zoom Room Camera

When it comes to using a camera for the Zoom Room, we would say better go for the Meeting Owl that provides a 3-in-1 solution with a mic, camera, and a speaker integrated into itself.

Zoom Room configuration

Zoom Rooms various configurations like firewall configuration, setting up the zoom room in the web portal, adding it to the controller, syncing p with your Google Calendar and Outlook and configuring other hardware, etc. The Zoom Help Center provides you with detailed information about how to set up every bit of hardware and have your zoom room running effectively.

We hope this Zoom Room Review is helpful to make your purchase decision. For more details, please watch the below given official Zoom Rooms product video from the official Zoom US channel.

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