Zoom Salesforce Integration – How to Get it Done?

How To Integrate Zoom With Salesforce?

Zoom is known as a large video calling app used worldwide because of its best and comfortable features. Once you get to know it, there is no going back. The state of the art features and functionalities of Zoom like custom backgrounds and whiteboard is impressive.

Among all the other things, Zoom can also help you integrate with Salesforce. But before you explore the integration between Zoom and Salesforce, you need to understand Salesforce properly. 

In some positions, if we are new to that thing, we must have some knowledge to be more able to use it efficiently.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is known to be a cloud-based CRM or Customer Relationship Management. In Salesforce, you are allowed to connect with the customers throughout the complete sales cycle, from renewal to the up-sell. Hence, CRM is there to provide different kinds of features that you must have for managing the sales pipeline, such as associated revenue, accounts, opportunities, etc. 

Salesforce has become meaningful when combined with the other relevant applications (like Zoom) through proper automation. For example, you can use the Zoom application to automatically create various Salesforce whenever you sign up for the email marketing newsletter. You can even move valuable information and data between various online payment processing applications and CRM if you make some purchases. 

With all its unique features and functionalities, Salesforce has considered it an excellent means of making a fantastic business deal to bring high sales prospects for an extended sales cycle. You would be too benefitted if you integrate Zoom with Salesforce. 

Why Should People Integrate Zoom with Salesforce?

Zoom salesforce integration includes an immense amount of benefits for its users. It can be on mobile or laptop; for using this Salesforce, you have to need the necessary knowledge, and you would be able to make proper use of the zoom salesforce app properly.

Zoom Salesforce Integration

If you are eager to go for the Zoom Salesforce Integration, you will surely benefit in many ways. This effective integration is there to help you to schedule the meetings following the Salesforce.

You will set up the Zoom meeting with the contact leads and then view the scheduled appointments. If you are here to know the step-by-step methods to explain how to integrate Zoom with Salesforce, follow the below-described steps. 

Zoom Salesforce Integration

Step-by-step Procedure

  1. First, you have to install the Zoom application from the Salesforce AppExchange. Then you have to choose the ‘Get it Now’ option to proceed to further steps. 
  2. In this step, you should properly configure the Zoom application for connecting your Zoom profile and enable the relevant features and functionalities. You have to log in to the Zoom admin profile and then build an app to get the ‘API Key’ and ‘API Secret.’ 
  3. Now you have to set up the user access to the Zoom application properly. Now, this is a crucial step for you to consider. 
  4. After that, you have to enable as well as set up the desired Zoom functionalities and features. It would be best to open Zoom from Salesforce and then fill in all necessary details and information.
  5. Zoom Setting: Now, it is quite significant to fill in the API key and API secret. Moreover, it also requires you to choose the mail default from the address for setting the outbound mail for the meeting invitation emails. 
  6. User Setting: In this step, there will be a user-level setting. You need to check the ‘PMI Enabled’ location. PMI stands for Personal Meeting Number. As a Zoom user, you are always supposed to use the PMI to schedule or start the instant meetings (but it is not generally recommended). There is an option for you to send an email to the attendees at its launch by adequately checking it. A user is to send the email to attendees once the meeting gets started from the lead and contact. You are also supposed to send the ICS in the invitation because it adds Internet Calendar Scheduling (ICS) as an attachment to the meeting invitation mail. 
  7. Now you are allowed to utilize the API Settings of Google Calendar. But first, you are required to synchronize the Google calendar to the Zoom meeting.  
  8. In this step, you will create various events for the non-sales force meetings on Zoom to match the leads/contact properly. This particular feature is there to pull Zoom meetings, usually generated from outside of the Salesforce, into the Salesforce. 
  9. It is essential for you to the Customer the salesforce object for including different Zoom features and functionalities. You have the option to customize the layout of the object page. 

How to Schedule A Zoom Meeting From The Salesforce?

You are allowed to schedule a formal meeting from Salesforce or even can send the invitation to the other participants through the mail. For planning a Zoom meeting using Salesforce, you need to create a calendar event and choose the contacts. In an information segment of the Zoom meeting, you as a host can provide permission to other participants to perform various activities. You can even send mail to all the participants having all the information regarding the time, date, and further details of the meeting.  

Zoom is working and wants to have a better kind of experience for their users.

Use The Zoom Salesforce App

There is a Zoom salesforce application that you can use to obtain both Zoom and Salesforce’s benefits through a single platform. This app is highly likely to magnify productivity and reduce the time spent on different everyday tasks. There are different kinds of services and advantages that you are supposed to get if you start using this Zoom salesforce integration app. 

There are rarely any kinds of drawbacks to using this app. Check out the reviews and feedback of those users who have already used this application for some time. 

You will be confident enough to use this app.

Benefits Of Integration Zoom with Salesforce

  1. You can easily schedule the meeting with your leads in Salesforce.
  2. The meeting host will get 5 min prior reminder of the meeting.
  3. When a host has started the meeting, and most people have already joined it, the host can lock the session by itself.
  4. There are various features and tools available for the leads, like annotate, screen sharing, etc.


So Basically, You can get the Zoom salesforce app at the App Store. So you can reach out to your Customer without any fear or any delays. Zoom salesforce integration has made it easy for all organizations to make direct contact with their customers without moving outside of their homes.

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