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About Zoom.us

Zoom is one of the leaders in the market for providing affordable meeting solutions of the highest quality. Founded in 2011 by Eric Yuvan, former VP of Engineering in Cisco / WebEx, the company’s mission is to unify everything from online meetings, group messaging and video conferencing into a single, easy-to-use and reliable cloud platform. Zoom is an innovative conferencing solution that is being used in offices all over the world. This zoom review will provide you with all the details about all the solutions being offered by Zoom.

About Zoom

Zoom enables enterprises to bring all their teams together into a single platform and increase the productivity of the company. Zoom.us is headquartered in San Jose, California. Zoom offers various solutions like Zoom Meeting, Zoom Chat, Zoom Phone System, Zoom App Marketplace and Zoom Conferencing etc. The zoom video conferencing review among companies has been fairly positive and that is the reason many top-level companies are using Zoom.

Zoom Video Conferencing Review

Meeting in the confines of a conference room inside the office is a thing of the past and its all about video conferencing now. Companies have teams spread all over the world and in-order to bring them under a single-platform to communicate is difficult unless you have the best-in-class and a reliable video conferencing solution. Even though there are many solutions available in the market, they seem to be very expensive. This is where Zoom offers enterprises and business with an affordable video conferencing solution. Video conferencing enhances the quality of communication and building trust and the quality of video conferencing is such that you don’t feel any difference between an in-person meeting and a virtual video conferencing call.

zoom video conferencing review

Zoom enables enterprises to conduct interviews, employee training, board meeting and client meetings to be conducted over a high-security meeting environment. Zoom even allows various participants to collaborate and discuss with each other and share a virtual whiteboard to address their concerns. Zoom video conferencing is much more than a conference held inside the confines of your meeting room and that is the reason Zoom Video conferencing is being used by high-profile companies, GoDaddy, Uber and Pandora Box. Zoom offers 4 different plans including Basic, Pro, Business and Enterprise and if you need to test the waters, you can choose Basic plan and test the conferencing solution for free.

Zoom Meeting Review

Generally company meetings are held inside a meeting hall, but since companies now have branches worldwide and have teams spread all across the world, it is important for enterprises to zero in on a meeting platform that brings all the team in one place. Zoom Meeting brings together high-quality audio and video support to your online meetings making it more productive. Zoom Meetings allows users to add up to 1000 participants and even share 49 videos in one screen.

Zoom Meeting Review

Multiple participants inside the Zoom Meeting can share their screens simultaneously and collaborate together to make the meeting more interactive. Zoom provide meeting organizers with ultimate control as they can provide role-based security, place a participant on hold, create waiting rooms and enable end-to-end encryption to make meetings more secure.

Participants can also record all their meeting transcripts either locally or into the Zoom cloud so that they could access the transcripts no matter wherever they are. Zoom offers users with excellent search capabilities so that they don’t find any difficulty searching for their chat transcripts. Zoom also provides users with a streamlined calendaring option allowing to easily integrate Zoom Meeting with Gmail, iCal and Outlook.

Zoom Chat Review

Zoom chat allows team spread across the globe to interact with each through chat in a more productive manner no matter wherever they are. Chat admins can invite both internal as well as external participants to the chat. Zoom chat synchronizes your chat across effectively that you can download  the chat transcripts and files shared during the chat session from any devices including Android, iOS and your desktop systems. The user interface is completely user-friendly that even non-technical users can easily join a chat session or create a group chat in minutes.

Zoom Chat is an innovative messaging solution that offers various features including sharing all kinds of files including documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, code snippets and pdfs easily. Users can also mark important messages to view it later. All messages marked as important is grouped together so that the user doesn’t need to scroll through the messages to search for the marked messages.

All files shared during a chat session are effectively grouped under “All Files” so you can easily search for files that you need for further analysis.  Users can easily switch to Meetings from the chat window quickly. There is also option for users to expand their chat experience by integrating various applications from the Zoom App Marketplace.

Zoom Room Review

Zoom Room is another innovative solution from Zoom that makes video communications frictionless and allows you to transform any room into a Zoom conference room. Zoom Room is a software-based  conferencing system that integrates flawless video and audio and enables you to meet with anyone including remote participants on mobile, desktop or even other external conference systems.

Zoom Room can be integrated with your calendar and offers you easy to use one-touch meetings to join a meeting in seconds. With Zoom Room, you are bringing together high-quality video, audio and web conferencing to your office conference room.

Forget all the dangling wires and cables running across your conference room as everything here is wireless and present your content effectively without any disturbances from Zoom Room. It also offers dual-screen support to deliver content and videos in 1080p.

Included with Zoom Rooms is your meeting scheduling tool that removes all the headaches of searching for conference rooms and scheduling your meetings. The scheduling display provides you with all the information about all upcoming meetings, room availability and allowing users to book a room instantly. The Scheduling display is integrated with your Google Calendar or Outlook Exchange allowing you to reserve any room instantly from an iPad.

Zoom Room also provides you with a  Digital Signage display that allows companies to address corporate communications effectively. It greatly enhances engagement and communication with employees. You can display all kind of content including social media feeds, corporate announcements, graphs, local weather updates, daily trivia and more.

Zoom Phone Review

Zoom Phone is the next generation enterprise phone system that integrates every aspect of a meeting including voice, video, conference, webinar and chat into a single and easy to use phone system.

Zoom Phone is an interactive cloud-based enterprise phone that allows employees to communicate effectively, share files from anywhere or hold meetings from wherever you are. Since it is an enterprise phone system, Zoom provides administrators with a centralized administration panel to effectively monitor all business interactions and manage users easily. The Zoom phone system uses the latest security technologies to provide users with a secure HD voice system that is completely safe and secure.

With the Zoom phone system in your hand, you only need to download a single app that will take care of all your meetings, messaging, file sharing, meetings and conferencing easily. Make a call easily from your office network, cellular data or Wi-Fi connection seamlessly.

Zoom Webinar Review

Zoom provides enterprises with solutions that makes broadcasting live events and webinars very easy. With Zoom Webinar, you can easily broaden your reach by hosting close to 100 interactive video participants and more than 10000 attendees. Registration process for a webinar is very simple and companies just need to customize the webinar with their brand identity. Zoom webinar offers users with various integration options for your existing CRM systems.

With Zoom Webinar, the host is always in control as they are offered with simple and intuitive controls along with interactive capabilities for participants. Anyone can join the webinar from mobile devices, desktops, laptops and even from conference rooms. Zoom Webinar is an effective way to reach to more customers and take your business to the next level.

Zoom Webinar also allows hosts to broadcast content across various social media channels including YouTube, Facebook Live etc., there are various option provided to the host to mute/unmute a specific panelist, promote a specific attendee into an interactive participant, enable/disable audio/video capabilities to participants etc. Zoom also provides enterprises with event assistance to help you organize large events and help you plan, rehearse and even provide live support during events.

Zoom Marketplace Review

Zoom Marketplace allows you to enhance your video conferencing, messaging and meeting experience by integrating various applications that can be downloaded and easily integrated from the marketplace. One can find apps across all categories right from apps to generate sales leads, enhance your meeting scheduling and collaborate with your team effectively.


Zoom Pros & Cons

Even though there is a lot of conferencing solutions in the market, most of them are mainly focused on large enterprises and hence pretty much expensive. Meeting solutions that are available cheaper doesn’t meet all your conferencing and meeting requirements completely. This is where Zoom strikes a great balance between pricing and functionality as you can get a full-fledged conferencing system in an easy-to-use platform and it is even cloud-enabled too.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Can host more than 10000 participants
  • Complete conferencing solution
  • Best-in-class messaging solution
  • Meeting scheduler display
  • Display Signage to communicate effectively with employees
  • Lots of administrative control


  • Lacks SLA and SSO
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Zoom Review
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