Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs WebEx – Best Review & Comparison 2019

In this article we’ll be discussing concerning three software brands, Zoom, GoToMeeting and WebEx — all of the higher than offer video conferencing services and additionally thereto varied alternative services for programming and developing and growing your business. thus it’ll be Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs WebEx.

Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs WebEx



Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs WebEx comparison

Zoom’s main bread and butter is virtual meeting code and hardware for big corporations. However, Zoom has additionally speedily expanded their internet conferences capabilities.

Zoom webinars could also be best fitted to larger corporations UN agency need to utilize webinars to showcase a spread of views to their attendees right away. for instance, every Zoom set up permits for up to a hundred “interactive video” participants which suggests that up to a hundred folks will gift along, if necessary.

Zoom webinars may additionally be a acceptable corporations wanting to host giant webinars of up to ten,000 people. Zoom has basic business plans that area unit meant to host five hundred or fewer participants, however they even have a program referred to as Zoom Video Webinar that may host up to ten,000 read solely participants per webinar. We will move onto reading about the various comparison series between the Zoom vs gotomeeting vs WebEx.



  • You can host unlimited conferences
  • Up To a hundred Panelists: Zoom has the capabilities to host up to a hundred panelists or presenters. this is often excellent if you’re hosting an outsized on-line panel.
  • Up To 10,000 Webinar Attendees: If you propose to host a great deal of individuals at your webinar, Zoom could also be right for you. you’ll be able to host up to ten,000 internet conferences attendees with their most premium plans.
  • Live broadcasting as Zoom integrates well with Facebook Live and YouTube.
  • Robust coverage on everything from your audience’s internet conferences expertise to their queries and poll answers thus you’ll be able to follow up the correct method.

A bit unrelated to webinars, however Zoom will provide hardware you’ll be able to connect in rooms that creates it simple to host conference calls and show programming displays outside of conference room doors, to understand if a space is taken for a decision, and to get the bigger picture I would really like you to read the cons as well; before I conclude this whole symphony of Zoom vs gotomeeting vs WebEx.



  • Expensive: Zoom incorporates a base value of $59.99 per month per host if you would like to own up to a hundred attendees at your webinar. however if you would like to expand your audience from there, the value goes up considerably. for instance, five hundred attendees brings you to $140/month and if you wished to host ten,000 attendees? That’s $6,490/month per host.
  • Confusing Plans: the bottom value might sound cheap, however once you finish up sorting out all the add-ons, Zoom are often quite confusing and charges will add up quickly if you’re not careful. for instance, they charge further for associate degree Audio set up, further Cloud Recording Storage, or supported the quantity of attendees you would like to own be a part of your webinar.
  • Geared for big Companies: If you’re atiny low business or a private wanting to host webinars, Zoom could also be too difficult and dearly-won for your wants as an online conferences host.


Zoom Pricing

Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs WebEx pricing

The base value for Zoom webinars for one year for one host and a hundred attendees is $549, If you would like further hosts or attendees or add-ons, the value will increase considerably from there.Zoom Pricing:

The base price for Zoom webinars for 1 year for 1 host and 100 attendees is $549, If you want additional hosts or attendees or add-ons, the price increases significantly from there.




cisco webex

WebEx event center is web conferences software owned by Cisco. Their main offering is video conferencing and webinars are just a small feature in their larger suite of video conferencing offerings. After understanding the pros and cons we would be better able to understand and deduce a difference between Zoom vs gotomeeting vs WebEx.

Since they aren’t focused mainly on webinars, their web conferences offerings are rather limited. If you are looking for a system to host smaller webinars and you also have video conferencing needs for your internal team, WebEx may be a fit for you for you, may be. Read on, as we have some things in stock as well; as it was the scrutiny of three services Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs WebEx so naturally if one doesn’t fits the other will.

The downside for many will be the lack of scalability. You will not be able to grow with WebEx if you plan to host webinars with more than 200 people in attendance. This could be a great first step in web conferences hosting if you and your company are just starting with webinars and need video conferencing software.



  • Basic Webinar Features: WebEx provides the most basic features that you would want from a web conferences platform such as HD video, screen sharing, in-app voice listening, the ability to join from any video system, security, the ability to record meetings, chat, and more.
  • Analytics: Webex offers advanced follow-up analytics that help you gain insight into what went on with your attendees during your webinar.
  • Affordable: The Premium 200 Plan allows up to 200 participants per meeting (or webinar) at $468 per year ($39 per month) or $49 paid month-to-month ($588 per year)
  • Perfect For Small Groups And One-On-Ones: Most WebEx plans are smaller which is perfect if you mainly host webinars to small groups.
  • Mobile Apps: WebEx has a mobile app which is perfect for helping your attendees go to your meetings no matter what device they are connecting from.
  • Unlimited Meetings: Once you pay for a plan, you can continue to host as many meetings as you want.



  • Too Small: WebEx would be an excellent platform for businesses who need to host small webinars. If you want to scale your webinars and eventually host to hundreds or thousands of people, WebEx will be a stepping stone, not a forever home for your webinars.
  • Made For Meetings: While you can use the service to for webinars, the tools it provides just aren’t as robust as a platform like WebinarJam because it’s not made for webinars.
  • You Need Multiple Host Plans: One host plan allows you to host one meeting, but if you need to host multiple meetings at once, you have to pay for additional host plans.


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WebEx Pricing

The Premium 200 Plan on Webex allows up to 200 participants per meeting (or webinar) at $468 per year ($39 per month) or $49 paid month-to-month ($588 per year)





GoToMeeting is an online meeting and web conferencing tool perfect for connecting people and teams and getting them all together in one place. gotomeeting used to be one of the only big webinar platforms around. It was founded in 2006, but gotomeeting parent company, Citrix, started to feel the pressure from newer and savvier competitors and wanted to exit the space. So they sold gotomeeting to LogMeIn for in  $1.8 Billion in July 2016. For the better understanding of all of it’s dynamics and to compare it to the Zoom vs gotomeeting vs WebEx debate we must understand it’s pros and cons.



  • Up to 5,000 members with the enterprise level plan
  • Share promotional videos, demos, etc. during your broadcast.
  • Personalize your webinars with custom branding
  • Simulated live webinars that allow you to have pre-recorded webinars that feel as real as live ones. (My personal favorite tool for simulated live webinars. Strong video and audio quality.
  • Access to webinars via phone & computer.
  • Polling Features. Upload polls during your webinar to increase audience engagement.



  • It’s expensive. The lowest plan alone costs $1,068 per year paid at once ($89 per month) or $1,308 paid monthly ($109 per month). After the lowest plan, it only continues to get more expensive if you want more features and attendees.
  • The smallest plan only allows 100 participants to join per webinar. That number was too small for me and my business when I wanted to host my first webinar and make a big impact.
  • The software is outdated and looks like it was last updated in 2006. Not as clean or user friendly as some of its competitors like WebinarJam.
  • All users have to download the software in order to join the webinar which can be confusing for attendees or other hosts.



Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs WebEx – Final Words

Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs WebEx quality

We reach at the end of our long article describing Zoom vs gotomeeting vs WebEx  these video conferencing services and making a difference out of them; so that you may choose. All in all this concludes the Zoom vs gotomeeting vs WebEx debate. The choice lies with the end user.


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