Zoom vs GoToMeeting – Best Review & Comparison 2019

Zoom Cloud Meetings – An Introduction

Zoom vs GoToMeeting comparison

Zoom Video Communications is a company headquartered in San Jose, California that provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing. Zoom provides communications software solutions that combine video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration at the same time, while keeping the consistency of quality at all levels. In this article we will compare Zoom vs GoToMeeting, after which you may evaluate which one is best for you.


Zoom was originally founded in 2011 by a lead engineer from the Cisco Systems and one of it’s collaboration unit WebEx; The founder Eric. S. Yuan, graduated from stanford university executive program and was previously vice-president of engineering at Cisco systems for collaboration software development. The service, which begin in January 2013 by march 2013 it claimed one million participants. Keep reading on as we compare the difference between the Zoom vs GoToMeeting; and which one is best for you.


Zoom application officially entered the Unicorn club; meaning that it had estimated worth of over 100 million dollars whether acquired by various parties of secured through consolidated funds. Webex or zoom this can only be determined after fully understanding the playground of Zoom vs GoToMeeting as they are very similar applications in terms of end result.


Marketwired published a press release recognizing Zoom’s passing of several milestones in company growth. Highlights included hosting over 20 billion annualized meeting minutes (up from six.9 billion last year), opening offices abroad in Sydney and therefore the U.K., growing its year-over-year revenue by 150th and customer base by 100%, partnering and optimizing integrations with Polycom, Crestron, and Cisco, and introducing new options and enhancements to its platform including Zoom Rooms programming display and Zoom for Telehealth.


Into this submission for the addition of various articles into the debate of whether Zoom vs GoToMeeting is sufficient or not, we will find out in few moments. Zoom was stratified 18th on the Forbes Cloud one hundred List and scored a 4.8 / 5 on Gartner Peer Insights. After this gainful insights into the creation of zoom app we can now move on to the features of zoom app; and then moving to comparing Zoom vs GoToMeeting.



Features of Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom vs GoToMeeting quality

  • Group Collaboration

Group Collaboration becomes breeze as Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, iOS and Android every platform is equipped with a client. Group messaging, screen share documents, photos and video clips can be simultaneously screen shared. Whiteboarding on PC and mobile devices is available as well.


  • Security

Zoom is SOC compliant which means the work email, single sign-on (SSO) or google login can be used for accessing it. It also uses secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and AES 256-bits encryption as well. HTTPS based framework ensures that nothing is snooping. Role based administration control, and administration features gives it edge in the security scenario.


  • Audio

One of the main department where usually the audio shines is that it has Unlimited VOIP, call me / call out services. Toll based options, toll based free options in 60+ countries. Integration with various 3rd party teleconferencing services.


  • Hybrid Cloud Service

This means that various cloud services are integrated for better integration. There is a meeting connector for private cloud services, virtualized software setup in minutes, scale and add capacity easily, local high-availability of infrastructure, one can also monitor the services online 24 x 7 and of course it can all be backup in the instant.


  • Simple Online Meetings

The fact that zoom provides such a nice and user intuitive experience that makes the meetings breeze. Various features such as personal meeting ID and URL name, instant and scheduled meetings, virtual backgrounds; host controls and sharing screen or a video clip to your peers.



Let’s see how the features play part in comparison of overall usage and product evaluation phase for Zoom vs GoToMeeting.



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GoToMeeting – An Introduction

Zoom vs GoToMeeting 2018

It’s quite easy schedule meetings mostly with people who are not directly in our department and to those who are working remotely. It is a very easy piece of software for even novice users to set up and get working. In various things such as, those who do, those who do not do, We had problems getting less tech-savvy people to jump on remote meetings and this really helped us address that problem, the all GoToMeeting bastion, in this series we will continue our Zoom vs GoToMeeting analysis.


Key features of GoToMeeting

Zoom vs GoToMeeting bandwidth

  • Instant meetings with a single click

Instant meetings here refer to one can use various video or audio conferencing services to plan a instant meetings in seconds, moreover after installing the desktop clients and applications one can easily use that feature with single click or tap.


  • Recurring meetings

You can also set reminders and pre plan meetings with recurring meetings feature. Which is pretty handy if you ask me, as one of the key features of GoToMeeting, which uses the scheduling system just like scheduling something without outlook or your own email server setup.


  • Integrated scheduling with Microsoft Outlook

It’s a pretty handy feature in itself, as microsoft outlook with its calendar feature became pioneer in the business industry; GoToMeeting has integrated scheduling system with Microsoft outlook and other various products.


  • Join from Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android

In the short you can join from any platform of your choice, as GoToMeeting provides users with this option to engage with various web services of their own via different platforms.



Zoom vs GoToMeeting: The Conclusion

Zoom vs GoToMeeting

In terms of pricing and other factors the zoom application in terms of scalability and support for various platforms outperforms the GoToMeeting; the Zoom, as final verdict is cheap, affordable for small scale enterprises who just want to get video conferencing done right without hassle; it’s fascinating to see that 6 year old startup can pull so much. Ultimately the choice remains with the end user. This concludes our session for debate on Zoom vs GoToMeeting.

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