Google Hangouts vs Zoom Comparison – What’s the difference?

The emergence of COVID-19 has taught us so many things. We learned that we could work from home using video conferencing apps with services like Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. Even a few months ago, Hangout happened to be a more popular option than Zoom. 

During this worldwide lock, COVID-19 has made Zoom into something big. People now are into Google Hangouts vs Zoom discussion. If you want to join in this discussion, then keep reading this article. 

Google Hangouts vs Zoom: Comparing all features

You can use any of these web-based video conferencing services since both of these have exciting and unique features. But if you want to know which is the better option between Zoom and Google Hangouts, you will not get any clear winner unless you dig deeper and explore all features. Some of the features and qualities of both of these apps are described below. Please go through them and decide which is the better option for you. 

Zoom vs. Hangouts

Video Quality

Video quality is undoubtedly the first and foremost aspect people consider while choosing a video-conferencing application. In this regard, both Zoom and Google Hangouts do a commendable job by providing HD video recording features. The same quality and resolution of both these apps might not be the same all the time. 

By and large, Zoom provides 1080p video resolution, and Hangout offers 720p mostly. Therefore, Zoom is a slightly better alternative here. The data connection and hardware requirement should be proper in this case. Hangouts require a 3.2Mbps connection, and Zoom needs a 3Mbps connection. 

Participant Limit

If you look at the participant limit, Zoom is the clear winner in the Zoom vs Google Hangouts discussion. Hangout is suitable for casual conversation with friends and family because it allows a maximum of ten people for the conference (25 for the business account). But on the other hand, Zoom allows 100 people at a time (for free accounts). And this number can reach up to 1000 for the paid business account. Therefore, Zoom is a better option in this regard. 


Among all the other benefits and qualities of Zoom, one unique benefit Zoom has is the ease of access. If you want to access Hangouts, you must create an account with specific login details. But in the case of Zoom, you do not need to create an account to access its service and avail of its features. 

The host of a meeting in Zoom is supposed to create a link that can be directly accessed by the meeting participants anytime they want, provided they have an internet connection. Hence, this fantastic feature saves people from going through the hazardous way of creating a new account with login details. 

Once people get into a meeting after accessing the URL, they are allowed to avail themselves of all the app features with relative ease. This is where Zoom happens to have the upper hand in this comparison.


When it comes to being compatible with different platforms, both of these services are great. Both of these apps support iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, etc. Zoom has an added feature where you are allowed to join the meeting through call. 

In the case of Android, you might not even require to install any additional software or apps. It comes pre-installed with Android making it one of the most dominating apps and services for Android. 

Since it comes bundled into the Gmail experience, it is widely available by default. But on the other hand, if you are interested in using Zoom, then you are specifically required to install the app from Play Store. 


In the case of security, Zoom provides slightly better security and protection with the ultimate end-to-end protection. On the other hand, Hangout comes with in-transit encryption indicating data is protected only when it is one the way to Google Servers. 

Despite providing better end-to-end protection, Zoom has its fair share of criticism for failing to provide proper online security and safety at times. Considering these security issues of Zoom, many people still choose to go for Hangouts for their convenience. 


The pricing aspect of the Zoom and hangouts discussion is relatively comparable. The Hangout comes under the G Suite subscription, but there is a free classic Hangout version available. 

On the other hand, the Zoom free plan is undoubtedly regarded as better if you want to have more functionalities and features. One limitation of the free version of Zoom is that the video calls among three or more participants have a duration limited to 40 minutes. 

Moreover, the number of maximum participants also limited to 100 for its free version, but it is still better than Hangouts. Zoom comes with different kinds of paid plans starting with $14.99 per month for its cheapest plan. 

Google Hangouts vs Zoom: Our final verdict

Zoom is known to be a complete professional and high-level web-based conferencing service. Some of its exciting features are annotations, screen sharing, file sharing, whiteboarding, cloud storing, meeting recording, hand raising, breakout sessions, etc. 

Hangout comes with a set of limited features. There are some simple features like muting a participant, flipping the camera, inviting others, turning off the camera, etc. 

Therefore, Zoom is known to be far ahead of Google Hangouts when it comes to features offered. Most of the users choose Zoom for its unique features. This app is flexible. You can use it for a casual personal meeting with friends and families and a professional business meeting.

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