Zoom vs Lifesize – Which is Better for Video Conferencing?

In the last few pages, the adoption of video conferencing for fulfilling the duties and targets of the workplace is getting high rapidly. 

According to the experts from Frost & Sullivan, the economy is raising its profits and ease of doing business by updating the old channel of conducting business and switching it to advanced cloud-based video conferencing technologies.

There are numerous video conferencing solutions in the market, but the best we found is Lifesize and zoom. These technologies focus on improving team efforts, communication, better employee engagement, mergers with brands, and decreasing operating costs.

To briefly understand what these differences are, you must keep on reading. 

Zoom Vs Lifesize Comparison

Zoom Vs Lifesize – An Overview

Due to the advancement of the economy, both apps are widely used and have their pros and cons. Some people prefer to use the zoom platform for its incredible features. In contrast, others choose to opt for the Lifesize platform for its benefits.

As per the requirements of their work, they prefer to opt for the said video conferencing platforms.

For understanding the stated services and features of these specific platforms, keep on reading the zoom vs Lifesize comparison details given below:  


Zoom is famous for its unique benefits and incredible features. It is widely known for its cloud-based video conferencing platform and started being utilized by most people in 2020.

It is a platform built upon the custom architecture with installable apps for being used on different personal digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

However, Zoom doesn’t sell advanced meeting equipment like Microphones, Headphones, Laptops, Personal Computers, Webcam, and Lighting kits. They generally depend on the third-party responsible for bundling video and audio kits to support the smooth working of the zoom client base’s video conference requirements. Zoom enables the customers to join and connect with 1000 participants at the same time. 


The Lifesize platform is a handy cloud-based video calling/conferencing platform. It is also widely famous for being a collaborative platform to merge advanced software solutions for various digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. The Lifesize platform works with an ample amount of video calling services near about 4000, along with wireless media and information sharing options.

The advanced features of the meeting room are the traits that make this platform unique and efficient. The Lifesize platform happens to have a very trusting and strong network combined with a robust security standard system.

Moreover, the Lifesize platform is known for flawlessly merging the various equipment and leading them towards an advanced world of video conferencing and effortless communication channels. 

Meeting Rooms

Another essential feature that we are going to take into consideration for comparison is the meeting rooms. Both the platforms, i.e., Zoom and the Lifesize platform, are very focused and centric towards making the meeting room experience excellent for their customers. For the zoom vs Lifesize discussion, let’s focus on this aspect in detail as well. 


The meeting rooms offered by the Zoom platform is highly in demand. Their client base knows about the incredible features and impeccable quality of video conferencing meeting rooms that they offer.

The zoom platforms deliver High-quality performance and highly advanced features that are smoothly accessible on Windows, Mac smartphones, tablets, and many other digital devices. 


The lifesize meeting room also delivers an impeccable performance service to its users and helps them achieve their targets effortlessly and efficiently. The Lifesize platform provides a lot more than just a basic video conferencing service by its engineers’ excellent working and unique design.

The Lifesize meeting rooms are highly efficient and of excellent quality and are available with numerous incredible features and services. The significant part of connecting various people at once and delivering 4000 different video streams at one platform is unmatchable. 

Security And Integrity

For any platform, the most critical factor is its integrity, robust security, and reliability. For industries, the most important thing for making them trust the forum is to develop a well-secured platform. The zoom vs Lifesize safety and reliability factors are as follows: 


If we make sure to focus on the aspect of security, reliability, and integrity, we must focus on the policy of Lifesize. The Lifesize platform makes sure to be focus centric for securing and safeguarding their customers’ data and information at all times.

The platform makes sure to employ WebRTC in their room systems, service, and client software for bettering the safety and security of user data. According to Lifesize, strong encryption is an essential part of WebRTC to apply on both the media (via SRTP/SES-128) and signaling (via DTLS).


 The Zoom platform is widely known for delivering incredible and secured services to its customers. Its end-to-end encryption process ensures the data and confidential information of the companies. However, there have been some instances where its security has been questioned before in time. 

Reliability And Performance

In today’s world enabling proper access to control and efficient services for connecting with numerous people globally and improving communication channels with each other is incredibly essential.


The impeccable services of the zoom platform are entirely based on the proprietary base of code. The said feature ensures to provide incredible benefits and features to the customers and ensures a smooth and error-free experience. The reason behind the smooth experience and error-free platform is its end to end encryption based on WebRTC. 

The zoom platform is entirely focused on securing the customer’s data and does not share the data with any other party. 


The Lifesize platform is commonly famous for its modern and flawless cloud architecture design. Its unique and excellent security features, robust functionality, and end-to-end encryption make it highly beneficial for users globally. Moreover, its impeccable quality of video conferencing makes it all the more efficient and effective. 

The Pricing

As we all know, one of the most critical factors regarding such platforms, i.e., zoom and Lifesize for the customers, is the price. In Zoom vs Lifesize discussion, these platforms’ pricing factor is one of the sticking points that can change the customers’ opinion wonderfully.

However, these two platforms deliver their services on a similar range does not change much for the customer’s preference. A user who uses zoom for its video conferencing callings gets the liberty to opt for one of the four plans being offered. 

Moreover, out of these four plans that zoom offers, one is free, and the other three are paid programs. Naturally, zoom’s paid plans offer more features and advanced facilities for the user than the basic free plan. 

On the other hand, Lifesize users get the option of opting for a customized plan according to their preferences and requirements. 


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