Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams: Choose the right Video Conferencing platform

Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams have come up with some of the best features which have made the experience of video conferencing very special. Where Zoom is a little older in the field and already having millions of customers, Microsoft Teams is gaining its popularity for easy integration with Microsoft’s other product suite. Being a very new video conference platform, Microsoft teams have already got 44 million customers.

During this pandemic situation, when video conferencing has become an alternative for having official meetings, discussions, and other required sessions, both these platforms are coming up with some lucrative options. This article will discuss various sides that you need to compare before choosing a particular platform for your work.

Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams – Comparing the features

When you choose a video conference platform, what are the things you take into consideration? Some of the crucial factors like cost, video conference experience, features, functionality, security provided by the video conferencing software, and customer support.

Find the comparison between Zoom vs. Teams based on these elements and find out which of these two platforms will be appropriate for your business.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom

Video Conferencing Experience:

Both these video conference apps come up with HD video quality. So, an excellent audiovisual experience is guaranteed by both of them. However, in recent years, Zoom provides a fantastic experience with the video quality to the users, even if the bandwidth is very low. If you compare, you will find zoom much easier for launching a video conference than Microsoft teams.

One of the main reasons behind it is that video conference is just one of the methods associated with Microsoft teams by which the team members can communicate.

If you want to host a meeting and invite others, you need to install them on the mobile or desktop. You will need to have an account by which you can use all the features. However, if you want to join a Meeting in Zoom, you can do it without installing the app.

Functionality and Features:

When you pay a fair amount of money to purchase such video conference software, you will surely want to get the most lucrative features with this software. This software has some standard features like file sharing, screen sharing, calls, and chats. Microsoft Teams’ advantage will be its integration with Office 365, which also provides you seamless collaboration, file search, and back-ups.

However, on the other hand, Zoom has some of the best features like video recording and some other latest security features, which provides you a great experience of video conferencing. While you are in the video calling session, every participant will see the connectivity status. There is another unique feature named Participant Reporting by which you can check whether all the members have joined the video meeting.

Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams – Pricing

Both these platforms will offer you a free version of the video conference. With the free version of Microsoft Teams, you will get limited meetings, calls, productivity services and apps, collaboration, and security.

On the other hand, with the free version of zoom, you can host a meeting of 100 participants. However, the meeting duration is limited for 40 minutes with the free version. There are other subscription plans available for both these platforms.

You can purchase the premium plan of Microsoft Teams at a little cheaper price than the Pro plan of Zoom. However, if you compare the enterprise plan, then you will need to pay the same amount.

Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams – Security

The video conferencing platforms are getting more and more used for many office meetings. Its security features will be very crucial to consider. If you want to have a confidential Meeting, you will wish to have a secure platform.

Being from one of the most reputed companies, Microsoft Teams is more valued for its security features. With both these platforms, you will get end to end encryption methods for transmission of any data.

However, in managing the participants with more control as a host, Microsoft Teams will be a better option. Though Zoom faced many security issues in the past, they have introduced many security measures including passcodes, virtual waiting rooms, and more controls for the host to handle screen sharing and annotation, so rest assured that your zoom meetings will be safe.

Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams – Customer support

Both these platforms are going to provide you a great experience when it comes to customer support. Both customer support works for 24×7. You can communicate with the customer support team through chat and call. If you are facing any technical difficulty, you can contact the customer support team, and they will address your issue within a short duration.

However, you can get more with zoom because it comes up with many instructional and learning videos that will help you understand the various functions of the software easily.

Final Verdict:

If you are trying to get a video conferencing site for internal collaboration, then Microsoft Teams can be a handy solution. However, if you want to work externally, then Zoom will be a better platform. Zoom will be perfect for businesses that require the best quality video and audio conferencing experience.

If you take only the video conferencing aspect, you may find Zoom a little better than Microsoft Teams. Zoom is more focused on video conferencing only, whereas Microsoft Teams’ advantage will be its integration with other Microsoft products.

So, whether you have Microsoft Suite software in your office will be a deciding factor when choosing between these two platforms. We have also given in this Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams comparisons about other aspects of both these video conference platforms that you can consider before selecting any particular platform for your business.

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