Zoom vs Skype for Business Comparison – Is Zoom better than Skype for Business?

We will be discussing about Zoom application and Skype for business. It will be a comparison of features and various price points; or which one is appropriate for which kind of business, but first let give you an overview of Zoom vs Skype for business scenario — there are many applications may be you have heard about Skype not about Zoom, since it’s only been seven years since they have grown into this sort of mammoth of a software to try the headon’s the big ones

Zoom vs Skype for Business

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom Video Communications is a company headquartered in San Jose, California that provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing. Zoom provides communications software solutions that combine video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration at the same time, while keeping the consistency of quality at all levels. In the following passages we will discuss about the zoom vs skype for business scenario, read on.

Zoom is a simple video conferencing software that promotes collaboration through an integrated system of web conference, online meeting, and group messaging. There are many reasons to use zoom as the only one application, as some of its promising features comes for really cheap than the skype for business or formerly known as Lync. Before comparing the zoom vs skype for business we must understand its feature and price point.

Features of Zoom

Zoom vs Skype for Business 2018

  • Integrated Scheduling

Zoom cloud meetings and instant meetings scheduling for zoom is available for use. Through various services including skype, slack, workplace, salesforce and others. Integrated scheduling also means that it includes piece of mind to use various services; and be still connected via different outlets developed and maintained by zoom.


  • Premium Audio

One of the main department where usually the audio shines is that it has Unlimited VOIP, call me / call out services. Toll based options, toll based free options in 60+ countries. Integration with various 3rd party teleconferencing services and it also includes brilliant audio clearity.


  • Group Collaboration

Group collaboration happens at many levels but first comes with HD video and dynamic voice detection, full screen and gallery views it takes the hearts away. Dual stream for dual screen, feature-rich mobile apps iOS and android; Join by zoom rooms and view-only attendee (Zoom Video Webinar) support. You can also join by H.323/SIP room systems, Join telephone dial-in.


Features of Skype for business

Zoom vs skype for business review

Skype for Business is an instant messaging client used with Skype for Business Server or with Skype for Business Online. Skype for Business is enterprise software. On 11 November 2014, Microsoft announced that Skype for Business would replace Lync in 2015.


Some of the unique features of Skype include:

  • Mobile and landline calls
  • Caller ID facilities
  • Forward calls
  • Group video calls
  • Skype to Skype calls
  • Group calls
  • Screen sharing (individual and group)
  • Send texts (SMS)
  • Send and receive files
  • One-to-one video calls
  • Video messaging and Instant messaging
  • Voice messages
  • Send contacts



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Who should use Skype for business?

Zoom vs skype for business comparison

It is a tool that adapts all right to conferences of a high skilled level, being terribly effective for the transmission of knowledge and also the reduction of supplying expenses and also the growth of the personnel, which increases the overall point for zoom vs skype for business.


Skype adapts well as a tool of communication at a distance with the work groups, since it permits the reduction of the operative expenses and also the execution times of the strategic directions of the organization, guaranteeing the adequate use of the obtainable time for the assembly of the corporate.


It doesn’t adapt all right for the organization of conferences at distances that benefit communication with personnel placed in communities of adverse, which hinges our debate for  zoom vs skype for business, that don’t have a wonderful association to the web, so the tool is additionally recommended for workplace activities however not in field.


Who should use Zoom?

Zoom vs skype for business video quality

Zoom is compatible for open conferences wherever multiple members ought to act. it’s conjointly a really smart resolution once there’s a desire to visually see the screen of another person, repeatedly again. it’s not possible to clarify however an explicit software package or an stand out file work and with video conference and screen sharing this downside is solved.

Zoom may not be the most effective choice for confidential conferences as most of the days the audio can start off of the PC speakers, this brings into new paradigm into the debate of zoom vs skype for business.


This may be self-addressed with the employment of headsets then again the video appearance is weird. Zoom may also be less acceptable once audio clarity is extraordinarily necessary, like speech analysis or transcriptions. this is often not Zoom’s fault as a result of the audio clarity depends on the mike used on every laptop, and most of the days the microphones square measure terribly basic and therefore the audio quality isn’t the most effective.



Zoom vs skype for business quality

For better or worse both have it’s advantages and disadvantages, in terms of pricing, affordability, and ease of service which can only be truly evaluated after checking them all out. Zoom vs Skype for business debate is not that new due to zoom being very new; considerably it’s just seven years old and it’s given solid run for the service to skype for business which was formerly known as lync. Well final choice lies with the user of course, here we conclude the debate zoom vs skype for business. So what do you think? Is zoom better than Skype for Business or not? Share your thoughts in comments.




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