Zoom vs Skype for Podcast: Which is Better For Podcast?

Skype has been a software that has been used for a long time for podcasting. However, in recent times, Zoom is also taking its own place for it. With some of the most incredible features, Zoom has become a very good method for podcasting. Most of the users were facing problems with the sound quality of Skype.

Even if all the participants in a meeting have a stable and good internet connection, they are still facing problems with this software. So, recently Zoom is taking the place of a suitable alternative that can help a lot in podcasting in a much easier way. Zoom is now surely one of the most popular video calling apps, which will allow you to record the audio tracks for every participant.

Benefits of using zoom for Podcast:

People use Zoom now for Podcasting because it has plenty of lucrative features which can help you in having a great experience of podcasting.

  • Zoom is a software that you can use very easily. You can use all the best features very easily, even if you are not a tech-savvy person because the user interface is easy to understand.
  • To use Zoom, you don’t need to have an account in Zoom. You will not need any e-mail id either. You can join in podcasting directly by creating a zoom meeting id. There is a free version of zoom you can use. Even if you are choosing the pro option, you will get it at a much lesser price. So, you can find zoom much more cost-effective.
  • With Zoom, you can add up plenty of participants in a podcast without any hindrance. Even with the free zoom account, you can add up to a hundred participants together.
  • You will experience a very good connection quality as well. If you have a stable internet connection, you will not face any sort of connectivity issue for podcasting.
  • Now, with the latest feature, you will also be able to record your podcast meeting.
  • Skype often gives you a problem regarding compression whenever it finds the connection a little unstable, which you are not going to face with Zoom.
  • Zoom works great for noise cancellation and provides you a clear audio experience.
  • While having the interview, you can also see your guests on this platform.
Zoom vs Skype for Podcasts
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Easy Audio Settings for Podcasting:

For having a better experience of Podcasting with Zoom, you need to understand the audio settings perfectly. Recording and audio can be considered as the most used and important tabs for podcasting. You should verify first whether your microphone is included in the list of microphones that are available in zoom. Try any of these Zoom compatible Microphones to avoid any audio issues in the future.

After making the selection of mikes, you can test the microphone button and can also do the necessary testing for recording. You should do a test of your speakers as well. You need to keep in mind that in the case of Podcasting, the zoom will provide the best experience to all the participants if the speaker is only speaking and others are muted.

It will also be important to understand the advanced settings for audio. With the feature of ‘Enable original sound,’ you can record the original sound recording in a meeting. If you wish, you can also record the sound without background noise and echoes.

It is needless to say if you are having an internet connection with better bandwidth, you are going to get better audio quality. So, if you can use the WIFI connection for having internet or you can use a wired connection, you are going to get better audio quality for sure. Secondly, in podcasting, you will not require video to be on.

Video will take additional bandwidth. So, switching off the video can surely preserve more bandwidth for audio, and eventually, you can get a better experience. If you are doing the storage locally, it will be better to keep 16 to 18 GB in your device for it so that you don’t face any problem with space.

Zoom Recording setting for Podcasting:

Zoom Recording is another crucial setting that you need to understand. If you compare Zoom vs Skype for podcasts, this is where Zoom is going to have the upper hand as well. With zoom, you can create a separate audio file for every participant in the podcasting. You can enable zoom to keep the temporary recording file so that in case your computer gets switched off or it faces any difficulty; you can get the recordings back once everything gets normal.

Zoom Cloud Recording is another way by which Zoom provides an excellent experience for recording your podcast meetings. With this cloud recording, you can save space on your device. At the same time, if you lose the file in any way from your local storage device, you will be able to get it back again.

Requirement of Stable Connection:

To get the best audio quality experience, it will be necessary that all the participants have a stable connection. If you are trying to find out zoom vs Skype for podcasting, then this is one of the most important points for which you will not find Skype a convenient platform. Even though all the participants have a very stable and fast internet connection, you will not get the desired quality of audio. However, with Zoom, you can get rid of this problem, and this is one of the important reasons for which zoom is becoming more and more popular for podcasting day by day.

It is true that the answer of which is better between zoom vs Skype for podcasting differs from one person to another, it can be said that Zoom has come into the picture and gradually has become popular for podcasting because of the audio quality it provides to all the participants. When most people are searching for software that they can use easily and can get a great result out of it, then Zoom has surely become the best competitor for Skype for Podcasting.

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