Zoom vs WebEx Comparison – Is Zoom better than WebEx?

About Zoom

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Zoom Video Communications is a company headquartered in San Jose, California that provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing. Zoom provides communications software solutions that combine video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration at the same time, while keeping the consistency of quality at all levels. In this article we will compare Zoom vs WebEx, after which you may evaluate which one is best for you.

Zoom was originally founded in 2011 by a lead engineer from the Cisco Systems and one of it’s collaboration unit WebEx; The founder Eric. S. Yuan, graduated from stanford university executive program and was previously vice-president of engineering at Cisco systems for collaboration software development.

The service, which begin in January 2013 by march 2013 it claimed one million participants. Keep reading on as we compare the difference between the Zoom vs WebEx; and which one is best for you.


On January 2017,  zoom application officially entered the Unicorn club; meaning that it had estimated worth of over 100 million dollars whether acquired by various parties of secured through consolidated funds. Webex or zoom this can only be determined after fully understanding the playground of zoom vs webex as they are very similar applications in terms of end result.


In August of 2017, Marketwired published a press release recognizing Zoom’s passing of several milestones in company growth.

Highlights included hosting over 20 billion annualized meeting minutes (up from six.9 billion last year), opening offices abroad in Sydney and therefore the U.K., growing its year-over-year revenue by 150th and customer base by 100%, partnering and optimizing integrations with Polycom, Crestron, and Cisco, and introducing new options and enhancements to its platform including Zoom Rooms programming display and Zoom for Telehealth.

In addition, Zoom was stratified 18th on the Forbes Cloud one hundred List and scored a 4.8 / 5 on Gartner Peer Insights. After this gainful insights into the creation of zoom app we can now move on to the features of zoom app; and then moving to comparing zoom vs webex.



zoom vs webex 2018


  • Cloud Video Conferencing

With HD video and dynamic voice detection, full screen and gallery views it takes the hearts away. Dual stream for dual screen, feature-rich mobile apps iOS and android; Join by zoom rooms and view-only attendee (Zoom Video Webinar) support. You can also join by H.323/SIP room systems, Join telephone dial-in.


  • Group Collaboration

Group Collaboration becomes breeze as Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, iOS and Android every platform is equipped with a client. Group messaging, screen share documents, photos and video clips can be simultaneously screen shared. Whiteboarding on PC and mobile devices is available as well.


  • Security

Zoom is SOC compliant which means the work email, single sign-on (SSO) or google login can be used for accessing it. It also uses secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and AES 256-bits encryption as well.

HTTPS based framework ensures that nothing is snooping. Role based administration control, and administration features gives it edge in the security scenario.


  • Audio

One of the main department where usually the audio shines is that it has Unlimited VOIP, call me / call out services. Toll based options, toll based free options in 60+ countries. Integration with various 3rd party teleconferencing services.


  • Hybrid Cloud Service

This means that various cloud services are integrated for better integration. There is a meeting connector for private cloud services, virtualized software setup in minutes, scale and add capacity easily, local high-availability of infrastructure, one can also monitor the services online 24 x 7 and of course it can all be backup in the instant.


  • Simple Online Meetings

The fact that zoom provides such a nice and user intuitive experience that makes the meetings breeze. Various features such as personal meeting ID and URL name, instant and scheduled meetings, virtual backgrounds; host controls and sharing screen or a video clip to your peers.


  • Partner Integrations

Partner integration doesn’t only means that sharing is enough; it means that it has various features such as unified login, process automation — which keeps up to date with the modern technology, room collaboration.


Let’s see how the features play part in comparison of overall usage and product evaluation phase for Zoom vs WebEx.


About WebEx

cisco webex


Cisco Webex, formerly it was known as Webex Communications Inc is a company that provides on demand video conferencing services, on demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and video conferencing applications.

Its products include Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center, Support Center, Sales Center, MeetMeNow, PCNow, WebEx AIM Pro Business Edition, WebEx WebOffice, and WebEx Connect. All WebEx products are part of the Cisco systems collaboration portfolio; in few moments we will compare both the zoom vs webex scenario for different business models.


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WebEx Features

  • Web and Video Conferencing

Webex has features same as zoom does, it gets the basic job done. The web and video conferencing are available, and ready to be deployed.


  • Conferencing

Conferencing is also done right for the most part, WebEx, as part of the Cisco ecosystem they are the pioneers in these sorts of endeavours because the main difference zoom and cisco is that, it provides with various options to choose from. To create rooms on will, private or meeting related backed up in cloud.


  • Webinars

Webinars can be connected as well, with various features to connect to any of the platforms, it’s quite seamless and integrated.


  • Chat and Brainstorming Tools

Users can chat and brainstorm with various whiteboarding tools available, as cisco systems has a ecosystem that enables web based or any other device based brainstorming tools for the user.


  • Application/File Sharing

Application based file sharing is one of the key features as well, users can share any files or files in any format over the call, suppose it’s an document that a group wants to discuss; it can be distributed via group administrator to everybody — so that everyone can be on the same page.

Zoom vs WebEx – Which one should you go with?

zoom vs webex

Since these two video and web conferencing tools are the most popular ones, many people have confusion when it comes to choose one. So, here is a detailed comparison which will help you to choose the best software for your needs and requirements.


1. Required Infrastructure

Easily connecting to the whole infrastructure, Zoom is way more efficient and easier than WebEx. You only need Video Conference Codec and Cloud Connector account (paid) to connect with your Zoom web conferencing. But in WebEx, you will need video conference codex, VCS Control and Expressway, MCU, TMS or Telepresence Management Suite, Smartnet and WebEx paid account, which comes to great deal of conversion in terms of our zoom vs webex series.


2. Pricing

The factor that will be taken into the accounts while comparing two software tools is its pricing. The pricing of the Zoom is way more affordable and reasonable than that of the WebEx. The starting price of the WebEx is $24 for each month whereas the starting price of Zoom is only $15 for each month per user.

Even compared to the pricing, the services offered by Zoom is really great and reliable. Zoom also offers free trial to its users unlike WebEx which doesn’t; thus coming very strongly into the comparison of zoom vs webex.


3. Capacity

Capacity of these two software tools to accommodate the total number of users or participants is an important factor as well. WebEx has the minimum capacity of accommodating 8 persons at a time whereas Zoom has the capacity to accommodate almost 50 persons at a time in the web conference or video conferencing at the given time. Which would play various factors deping the zoom vs webex userspace debate.

4. Conference Features

A plethora of features that play common to both the softwares but it’s what makes them apart, even in commonness they are not that common. There are some which are present in only one of them. WebEx supports co-browsing, file transfer and removing of attendees from the meeting while you cannot perform these in Zoom video conferencing.

On the other hand, break-out sessions is available in Zoom and not in WebEx. So, if you find any of these features important for your enterprise then you must choose the software for your business needs very carefully.



zoom vs webex bandwidth

So, this is the detailed Zoom vs WebEx comparison. Over all, considering all the features and reviews by the experts Zoom is considered to be the best video conferencing or web conferencing software. WebEx is also a great tool with lots of cool and interesting features but the pricing seems to be a lot more than that of the Zoom.

You are getting almost all the benefits and facilities from Zoom that you need for hosting a web video conference or presentation for your business. Just with one touch, you can connect with different people across the globe.



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