Zoom Webinar pricing: Is Zoom Webinar Free to Use?

Zoom Webinar is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for having a zoom calling session with multiple attendees. This is surely one of the most popular platforms for having webinars now a day. However, in this article, you will come to know about Zoom Webinar pricing, which will give you a better idea about how much you need to spend to use this platform for having your zoom events. You will also want to know if you can use the Zoom webinar for free. At the same time, if you are paying money, what added features, you are going to get. You need to surely validate whether the money you are going to spend to have Zoom Webinar is worthy or not.

Well, if you think whether you can get a zoom webinar for free of cost, in that case, the answer will be ‘no’ because it has no free version. In fact, to use Zoom Webinar, you need to have a Zoom Pro account. However, if you opt for this option, you can have one month trial for free of cost. Once the free trial period ends, you need to purchase the Zoom Webinar platform. You have to select the number of attendees you will require for the meetings, and accordingly, you will get the pricing. You can pay the subscription charges monthly or annually as per your requirement and convenience.

Is Zoom Webinar Free to Use?

You can sign up for Zoom Webinar for free. You will get one month to have a trial of the Zoom webinar. With this free version, you will be able to add one hundred participants in a meeting. You can arrange a meeting of 40 minutes peruse. You will get all the general features of the zoom meeting, like group collaboration features, web conferencing features, and video conferencing features. You will also get all the general security features of zoom at this time.

Zoom Webinar Pricing:

After the free trial period ends and you want to continue using Zoom webinar, the first plan starts from $40 per host. With this plan, you can add up to 100 participants. Now, to purchase the basic plan for zoom webinar, you need to have a Zoom Pro account, and for this, the pricing will be $14.99. So, in total, you will need to pay $54.99 for getting the basic plan. If you want to use a webinar for in-house matters like training, Employee onboarding, or product demos, then the basic plan should be enough for you.

Zoom Webinar Pricing
Source: Activegrowth.com

Additional Pricing:

Now, as per your necessity, if you want to increase the number of participants, you need to pay additional pricing. While purchasing Zoom webinar, you can mention the number of participants you want to add. As you increase the number, the additional pricing will be added. You need to mention the number of hosts as well. The pricing can go up to $500/mo. If you want to add 10000 attendees in a meeting. However, this may be required for a very big company for marketing purposes.

How to save pricing?

You can pay the pricing on a monthly basis. However, if you pay the pricing annually, then you can save a good amount of money. Just for an example, if you purchase the basic plan for Zoom Webinar with annual pricing, you have to pay $400, whereas if you count it month wise for twelve months, then the pricing will be $480. So, you can save up to $80. So, if you are going to arrange meetings frequently throughout the year, then paying annually will be a better idea.

Is the price worthy?

For small companies, the basic plan should be enough. For any in house meeting or training, adding a hundred participants should be enough. You will get all the best features of Zoom with this basic plan as well. Zoom always provides a great video and audio quality, which you will enjoy a lot. With Webinar plans, you can get some additional features as well.

  • With Zoom Webinar, you can add up to 10000 participants in a zoom meeting. So, even for the big events, this digital platform will be extremely useful.
  • With Zoom Webinar, you will get the integration of the meeting with the marketing automation tool and popular CRMs.
  • You can also enjoy the feature of Zoom Green room. In case you have plenty of panelists and you want to practice the presentation with the panelists, then you can unlock the greenroom and can practice the webinar with your panelists.
  • With Zoom Webinar, you can get the feature of an automatic mute option. As there will be plenty of participants present in the meeting, with this feature, you will not need to mute the participants individually. Once the meeting starts, all the attendees’ microphones will be on mute. Invest in a dedicated external microphone if you don’t want to compromise on audio quality. The attendees can get the option of raising their hands digitally or mute or unmute themselves whenever required, and thus, the session can be more interactive.

Even if you have a big company and you are using the zoom webinar platform for marketing purposes, and you want to add plenty of participants, then also, the pricing will be comparatively lower with zoom. One good thing about Zoom Webinar pricing is that it does not depend on the number of meetings you are going to have. It will depend on the number of participants you want to add. So, if you can take the decision on the number of participants perfectly, you can have an unlimited number of zoom meetings with this number of participants.

It is true that now in a situation of Covid-19 Pandemic, the importance of having more webinars will be there for most of the companies to arrange any training, marketing events, etc. So, when you are deciding to choose the right webinar platform, pricing will be a very crucial thing.

You can surely compare the pricing of the other webinar platforms to get a perfect webinar app. However, apart from checking the pricing, you should also check the features you are getting with the webinar platform. If you make a combination of the features with pricing, then surely Zoom webinar pricing will seem absolutely pricing for you.

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