Zoom Webinar Review – One of the BEST Webinar Platforms?

What is Zoom Webinar?

Zoom Webinar enables enterprises and businesses to conduct large online events equipped with high-quality video, audio, and screen sharing options. The webinars can host up to 10000 attendees and around 50 video participants. The registration process for a webinar is very simple and companies just need to customize the webinar with their brand identity. Zoom webinar offers users various integration options for your existing CRM systems. Read further to know the various options available in the below Zoom Webinar review

How does Zoom Webinar work?

With Zoom Webinar, the host is always in control as they are offered simple and intuitive controls along with interactive capabilities for participants. Anyone can join the webinar from mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and even conference rooms. Zoom Webinar is an effective way to reach more customers and take your business to the next level.

Zoom Webinar also allows hosts to broadcast content across various social media channels including YouTube, Facebook Live, etc., there are various options provided to the host to mute/unmute a specific panelist, promote a specific attendee into an interactive participant, enable/disable audio/video capabilities to participants, etc. Zoom also provides enterprises with event assistance to help you organize large events and help you plan, rehearse, and even provide live support during events.

How to use the Zoom Webinar?

To schedule a new webinar, all you need to do is log in to your Zoom account and select My Webinars and click Schedule a Webinar. There you can provide details about the topic for the webinar, timing, duration, time zone, and create your webinar. The hosts can select whether the attendees need to register for the webinar or entry for the webinar is free. If you choose registration is required, hosts are also allowed to choose the fields to be displayed in the registration form. Once you have successfully scheduled a webinar, you will be provided a unique Webinar URL for your webinar which you can share with your attendees.

Zoom Webinar Features

Zoom Webinar offers hosts with various features to customize their webinar and make it a grand success. Webinar hosts can invite up to 100 video panelists and can easily share their webcam and make it an interactive webinar with the audience. You can even create a recurring webinar with auto-generated transcripts and recorded videos to keep your customers engaged all the time.

The Webinar hosts are also provided various options to gauge the success of their webinar through various reporting and analytics including the number of attendees, polling percentage, participant engagement, and many more. You can also broadcast your webinar live across various social media channels like Facebook Live and YouTube to broaden your reach.

Webinar hosts are provided with complete control over the webinar as they can easily mute/unmute any panelist, promote an attendee to a panelist and also enable disable audio/video capabilities, and so on. When you are hosting large-scale events, you can even seek the help of Zoom professionals to help your plan, rehearse, and also provide live support during the event.

Webinar hosts can even enable chat during the webinar to answer queries from the attendees and make the webinar more interactive and engaging. Set separate chat settings for both attendees and panelists. You can even enable the attendees to share their opinion in the form of a Q&A and polling features. There is also an option to increase the audience engagement by making them raise there had virtually. This way you know how attentive and engaging your viewers are in the webinar session.

Zoom Webinar Settings

A webinar host is provided with ultimate control over the webinar as he can start/stop the webinar, mute any panelist, remove a video from a panelist, remove attendees, etc. The webinar setting is the control panel that allows webinar hosts to take control of the webinar and if you are the host of the webinar, the host controls will appear below the webinar.

The settings include options like user management, audio controls, video controls, Q&A, polling, share screen settings, chat settings, closed caption, webinar live options and much more.

Zoom Webinar Pricing – How much does Zoom Webinar cost?

Zoom offers various pricing options to customers as they can choose from options including:

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Education
  • API Plan

And the webinar plan starts from $40/mo for 100 participants for a single host and can choose up to 10000 participants for any number of hosts. But if you choose a business plan, you need to have a minimum of 10 hosts. There are also various add-ons that you can include with your webinar order like Pay as you Go and cloud recording options.

Attendee Limit in Zoom Webinar

The attendee limit is purely based on the kind of subscription plan you purchase from Zoom. If you are hosting a webinar for less than 100 participants and only a single person is hosting the webinar, then you can choose a plan that could cost you around $40 per month. The more your attendees are, and you need to choose a webinar plan accordingly.

Zoom Webinar vs Meeting

A Zoom Meeting is a highly interactive meeting where participants can see each other and interact with each other. A Zoom Webinar is generally a view-only platform where the attendees only can see the host present and cannot see other attendees viewing the webinar. But the webinar host can allow attendees to participate in polling, answer questions, and can even chat with them to make the event more interactive. A user has to register to attend a webinar of the host requires registration for attendees to attend the webinar.

Zoom Webinar Video Quality

Zoom Webinar guarantees you the highest video quality that you can ever get with a meeting or video conferencing solution.


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